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Table stakes: All poker games are played table stakes. This means that no player can go to his pocket to add more money to one of his bets. The maximum he can bet is the size of the chip stack infront of him, if he needs to call a bigger bet he will be all in and can only win up to the maximum of his chip stack.

Three of a kind: Three cards of the same rank (i.e. K-K-K). Also known as set or trips.

Three-quarter: If you’re holding the nuts for the high and low hand in a split game and your opponent is probably only holding only one of the two (i.e. A-2-3-4-5). You’ll get one pot alone (50% of the total pot) + one half of the other pot (25%) hence 75% in total or three quarters.

Tight: Opposite of Loose. A tight player picks his spots and plays only very promising hands.

Tilt, on: A player is set to be on tilt after suffering a bad beat. It can happen even to the best players once emotions take over and cloud the better judgement.

TOC: Tournament of Champions
Toke: A toke is a tip to the dealer, usually given by a player after he won a pot. A rule of thumb is a toke of $1 for every pot they win (at least in micro to mid levels of play). Dealers at brick and mortar casinos make the majority of their income off of these tips.

TPTK: Short for Top Pair Top Kicker. You’re holding the highest pair and the best kicker, i.e. A-K with a A-Q-7-2-9 board.

Trips: see three of a kind and set

Turn: also known as fourth street. Fourth board card.

Two Pair: You’re holding two pairs, either one pocket and one on the board (Pocket: A-A, board K-K-x-x-x) or two consisting of each one hole card and one board card (Pocket: A-K, board A-K-x-x-x).

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