Absolute Poker-09.12.2005
Friday December 09th 2005, 5:23 pm
Filed under: Absolute Poker,S&G,Tournaments

Another day another 7 Stud H/L S&G over at Absolute Poker. Went out and could do no wrong in the beginning to take an early chip lead, bounce up and down (once even to under 1k in chips before reclaiming the chip lead with a nice full house) and saw players bust out left and right. Was in the money, watched the 2nd in chips bust out the 3rd in chips – went into heads up with 1:2 in chips…battle back and forth for a dozen hands, but couldn’t scoop…so out in 2nd place, nontheless satisfied: 3 tournaments played, 3 times in the money (3rd, 2nd, 2nd). Nice 🙂

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