Absolute Poker New Depositors Main Event
Monday December 12th 2005, 4:45 am
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Side note: I had such a lovely post written up just to see Firefox crash on me…note to self: save as draft next time…

Today was the Absolute Poker New Depositors Main Event for which I qualified earlier this week (see this post). The tournament started out on a bad note as I was seated at a rather dead table. So it was nearly impossible to get chips early on. It took the Absolute Poker system a while to kick in, but then all players not present were automatically busted (they were set to autofold prior to that). That left me at a table with 2 other active players and hence not a chance to get many chips either – this was kind of unfair as there was a good portion of small tables (2-3 ppl just like my table) and a good portion of full tables. It took the system another few minutes to finally balance the field again.

I found myself at a good table with really cool players. Three were especially nice and made the tournament fun to play in! Ashlips22, DrSkillz and JJSproull (aka the man that was immortal surviving short-stacked all-ins time and time again). We had a really nice and fun time and cheered each other on when it came to the bubble. Unfortunately I was short-stacked so I had to make a move sooner or later (with blinds hitting 500 and my chip count stuck at around 1400), I had two to three decent hands in a row (A-Q, J-J, Q-Q) and was able to get some blinds back, but it didn’t get me far…so I had to make a decision: go all-in with J-J or wait for a better hand (in the next 6-7 hands) – I went All-In, but was a little bit unlucky as my pocket Jacks were crushed by an A-5 when another A hit the flop…too bad…out in 91st place 🙁

Nontheless it was really fun to play this tournament as I got to know new players (as mentioned above) and had a really good time…at least they all finished in the money and it didn’t cost me a dime to play, so who am I to complain…I’m really looking forward to play with these guys again…


  • Players entered: 1248
  • Starting chip count: 1500
  • Top 63 payed – 3000$
  • 1-11: 75$
  • 12-28: 60$
  • 29-35: 45$
  • 36-63: 30$
  • Ingoal’s finish: 91st
  • Ashlips22: 19th – 60$
  • DrSkillz: 40th – 30$
  • JJSproull: 53rd – 30$

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