Wednesday December 21st 2005, 3:23 am
Filed under: Casual Play,Limit,Omaha H/L

Do you know the feeling when you’re sticking around at a table just a liiiitle bit too long? That’s what just happened at a Limit Omaha H/L table. I played a little 0.10$/0.20$ Limit with 0.05$/0.10$ blinds and really did well for the most part…was up almost 3x buy-in then donked of most of it again in the last two hands I played (still up 1.25x buy-in but still really dumb)…donked off one buy-in when my 2-3 flop 4-5-6 ran into A-2…argh…matching suit too…so no high no low…argh!

Nontheless a positive session as I regained some ground…nontheless I would have been even further in front if I had moved on two hands earlier, but what can you do.

Alrighty, off to watch the WWdN #9 final table now…

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