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Wednesday December 21st 2005, 3:44 pm
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Just ordered myself two poker books, hopefully they’ll arrive in time for the holidays…first of I ordered Phil Hellmuth’s “Play Poker Like the Pros” – the reviews weren’t all that great but I thought it can’t be that bad and I’m sure that Mr. Whinebox has got some interesting stuff to say:

Play Poker Like the Pros

The second book is “Tales from the Tiltboys” by Phil Gordon. After finding out about this book from his own homepage I just ordered it, after all all the praise can’t be wrong:

This book goes to show you how one group of guys that play poker together can go on to rule the world!
Phil Hellmuth Jr.�Poker legend and author of Play Poker Like the Pros

Getting near the Tiltboys is like falling into the orbit of a very bright, unstable star. Their cheerful message: quit your job, ignore the advice of your loved ones and go live forever on the Island of the Lost Boys. Read this book at your own peril.
Ira Glass�Host of public radio’s award-winning This American Life

Thank you, Tiltboys! You’ve changed my life! It drives my girlfriend wild when I spank her with your new book Tales from the Tiltboys.
Chris “Jesus” Fergusonâ€?2000 World Series of Poker Champion and Honorary Tiltboy

If enough people buy this book, maybe I won’t have to pay Perry to be quiet during tournaments anymore.
Erik Seidel�Six-time WSOP bracelet winner
Source: Sportspublishing LLC

Tales from the Tiltboys

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