Phil Hellmuth Jr. starts blog
Tuesday February 07th 2006, 3:19 pm
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I don’t know if you’ve heard about it yet, but Phil Hellmuth has started a blog. It seems to be hip these days for the pros to start a blog – which is cool when it’s really a blog.

So I had a look at the “blog” and let me tell you: it’s a good idea, although I don’t consider that to be a blog! You want to know why? Let me give you two simple pointers: A blog should…

  1. …have syndication, whether it’s RSS or Atom doesn’t matter, but give the (potential) readers to get notified when there’s new content…chances are slim that they will visit regularly to check if there’s an update or not, especially when there hasn’t been an update in a while (this is what I told Phil (or who ever gets the mails from the “Ask Phil” section first) right away as this is really important).
  2. …offer a possibility for readers to comment. Alright, by giving the user/reader the chance to comment you add the high risk of spammers starting to hammer your blog with spam messages, but there are effective countermeasures these days (Bad Behaviour, …) and you don’t want to shut out your reader, or do you? If there’s no interaction between writer and reader then what’s the point, you don’t need to label it blog then…it’s just another content site (or in this case another section of your content site).
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