180 – Try 3
Wednesday March 29th 2006, 12:48 am
Filed under: MTT,No-Limit Hold'em,PokerStars,S&G,Tournaments

Hmm…getting closer, but still not far enough. Finished 13th of 180 in my third try. In the money, so nothing much to complain about, but it could have been a better tourney.

Short summary: Got off to a good start and was the table captain for most of the first hour, building a nice stack in the process (peak: 2nd in chips). After the first break I was literally card dead for almost exactly 55min (7 high, 6 high, 4 high, 5 high, for a straight 55min)…so I almost didn’t make the money at all. The last hand before the 2nd break doubled me up though…and I was back in the game, but when it mattered most I couldn’t catch anything (AJ vs KQ – King on the turn and IGHN)…so close to the final table, yet again… 😉

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