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Monday June 19th 2006, 6:25 pm
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Well, what can I say…you might have noticed the new category “Site Supporters” in the left hand navigation column. Yes, I started to sell some text links, as they’re a good way to get some money without overcluttering your website. Shameless plug? – Yup, I want to tell you about how I’m selling text links: I’m using (aff). You just signup, thanks for using my referral 😉 , and add your site for review. Usually it’s accepted almost instantly and you can start to sell links. They handle everything: advertising (you can be found in their site directory), selling and billing…all you need to do is implement the ad script (they provide different APIs from WordPress Plugin to PHP so it’s easy to set it up) and wait for the first emails about a successfull sale to come in – it didn’t take more than 2 days till the first links were sold here on and I’m really happy so far. They take their fair share of all sales (50% of the link prices), which is alrighty with me as they take on all the work of selling and handling. So..if you ever thought about getting some extra dough…try text-link-ads! If you want a rough idea about how much you could possibly make…use their calculator to get an estimation…you might be surprised what you could make pretty much without any extra effort…I sure was 🙂

Once again, a referraled pic for you…

Text Link Ads

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