Get ready to reraise your fellow bidders
Tuesday July 11th 2006, 10:53 pm
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As most of you might already know there is an effort to raise money for the little girl Payton (if that doesn’t ring a bell, head on over to ) and the first auctions have started on ebay – a little less than two days left.


Sidenote: I already contacted Bob Nardi about the possibility to ship overseas and he said that something can be worked out (e.g. via USPS), so I’m going to bid (as a matter of fact I already did on the signed Isabelle Mercier photo, but Sir Al bid higher and holds the highest bid at time of writing this). So get out your wallets, help out for a good cause and get some cool signed stuff of a pro player in the process! Reraise your fellow bidders!

The items currently up for auctions are:


[…] As I mentioned in one of my prior post, there were quite some amazing things up for auction at ebay. The crown jewel of this first set of auctions was, at least IMHO, the Phil Gordon package including not only a signed copy of his “Little Green Book”, a signed copy of his DVD “Final table poker” and a signed photograph, but also an one hour phone lesson. Wow! Although I was eager to get my hands on this one, but in the end it was a little over my price range (the winning bid was 321.27$) – still one heck of a steal at this price! […]

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[…] So, the second lot of auctions are indeed online now…so for anyone who missed out on the first lot (see here), here’s your second chance – same goes for anyone else: head over to the ebay auctions, now! […]

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