While I’m in rant mode – poker book delivery duration
Thursday March 01st 2007, 2:24 am
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Me again…while I’m still in rant mode I forgot about something. The long time it recently takes to get a poker book delivered. Now I’m usually patient and all, but 4-8 weeks for books that have been out a while? Well, I could have ordered them from Amazon.com, but there’s really not much point as I won’t save anything as the shipping and handling (and the occasionally added customs) eats up the difference, so why not order from Amazon.de. So, I went ahead and ordered a bunch of new books as I’m all out of poker books for the moment (yes, Super System II, Little green book, little blue book are all books that you can re-read over and over, but sooner or later I need something new to keep me entertained)…so I thought I’d go for a good mix of strategy/entertainment…

The one part of poker that I’m more and more interested in is the “playing the player”, “reading the player”, etc part…online it’s pretty basic…watch out for “online tells” (stalling, fast-check, etc) and most important of all: betting patterns. Live, there’s a whole lot more to consider…well, maybe consider is not the right word here…after all there’s lots of information right in front of you and noticing all the bits and pieces is only one part of the deal, the other part is interpretation and analysis of the seen in relation to betting patterns and hand history. Add the , “player behaviour” (“real world tells”) to it and you’re in the area that I’m really interested in, at least atm. Tells.

Now I was torn between getting the classic (Caro) or the “new school stuff” – Joe Navarro, Ex FBI Agent. As I was pretty impressed with Joe Navarro on Ante Up in one of the recent shows, I went with that one…and after only a week’s wait, it was delivered today. Yay, new material that should really rock, I’m really looking forward to reading this one and I’ll start as soon as I’m done with this post…

Phil Hellmuth Presents Read \'Em and Reap: A Career FBI Agent\'s Guide to Decoding Poker Tells

Back to the title though, the other books I order back in january are still MIA…with ETA March 6-13th Professor, Banker and the Suicide King…and even worse with an ETA May 29th-31st Hunting Fish: A cross-country search for America’s worst poker players…good god, how can it take almost four months to get that one delivered to me? On another note: I’m really looking forward to that one, I just hope it won’t be a one-pager: “Log onto PokerStars.com day and night. The End”…pun intended 😉

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