Totally tired…
Tuesday March 20th 2007, 9:14 pm
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I dont’ know what it is, but I think it’s my unreal, insomniac, sleep-schedule over the last few weeks. I’m feeling totally exhausted today, so I decided quickly that there’s no more poker for me today, which means no WWdN either. I’m usually really looking forward to the WWdN, but I think it would be a waste of sleep, money and time to play it today.

So, on the poker front, everything groovy…played only one HU match this afternoon and it was really entertaining. I played my small pot poker and my opponent was more than willing to go along with that – which I like. I chopped away at him all the time and he was down to 200 chips. I put him all-in on the next hand, he shows QQ. Alright…nothing wrong here…best hand, holds up, he’s up to 400. A few hands later I put it in with the best hand…he sucks out a runner runner straight. So he’s up to 800. I chop away again and soon enough he’s down to 500 again. All the money goes in on the turn…I’m ahead..river…bingo for him…up to 1k…hmm…will this dude ever die? *lol* we repeated the chopping down and luck-double once more before the following hand came down:

Man, you gotta love it…that was the first time I went in with the worst of it…and like he did three to four times earlier, I sucked out on him…I mean, the flop was nice, the turn nicer…and the river? Are you kidding me…DQB…lol…

feels good after his prior suckouts

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