The return of the tilt warrior
Thursday March 29th 2007, 12:55 am
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*lol* man, I’m so steaming right now, I can’t even begin to tell you. Now the following recap of some sick hands could be interpreted as telling bad beat stories, far from the truth, as most sick hands were not so much bad beats, but either bad luck or the “usual beats” (aka I can have 20 outs twice, it doesn’t matter, at least not when it’s for all the marbles)…

I played only one match this afternoon, won it easily against a fairly good player. After footie training tonight, I decided to play some more and after playing this session, I can’t help but feel sick and smile at the same time. Unreal that I can’t win against pure donkeys, no matter what. I looked all three opponents up and they’re all pure losing SnG players. TPNK = gold and may the river be kind to them always…that said, I was on stone cold tilt in the last one after sick beat after sick beat, so that one was the icing on the poker shitcake tonight…just wait until you see the last hand below…it’s a usual coinflip, I don’t even need to tell you that I lost it, but how did I lose it? DQB! Nice job donk…

First match of the evening session, I chopped away and chopped away at his stack and when I had his first 500…he decided to get cute…I got AsKc on the button…and I overraise…usually only a donk will fall for this, but lucky enough for me, I had one in front of me. He pushes…now usually I would hesitate a little here, but not against that player. He shows A10o…nice…now the usual sickness begins…

Preflop: 71%/24%

Flop comes down Ac 10c 6c…44%/55%



Well, well…he put his money in a huge underdog…he outflops me, but I got 3 Kings and 9 clubs so 12 outs twice as my redraw…no such joy…what else is new…so, he has got me 2:1 in chips all of a sudden…and some major pots later he lucks out again…called all the way down with second pair king kicker…king on the river and I’m busto…nice job…

The second match of the evening session went down on a similar note…I don’t recall most hands as I got so fed up of getting outdrawn on time and time again that I decided to go with the next “good” hand I found…I find 72o…the hammer baby…on the button…I got around 900 left…I pop it preflop and he calls…flop comes down Ah 2h 7h…now I’m aware that he probably got an ace after he called my preflop race…I just hope that he doesn’t have a heart and push…he install calls with AcJh…no surprise to see the Ace on the turn and heart on the river, just to rub it in…god damn it…how can the hammer betray me here?

Hammer betrayal

After that one I should have logged off and/or abstained from looking up my next opponent on sharkscope. Yes, another donkey, yes another round of sick calling calling pushing bs…so when I find the next hand I decide to repop his preflop raise…he pushes…yet again…and I’m hoping for a flip and maybe one time I can win one against a donk for all the marbles…not really….flops the boat…rivers dem quads biatches…go f yourself damn it…I’m outta here for the night…

Violated by DQB

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