Tuesday July 22nd 2008, 4:49 pm
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That about sums up what’s been going on yesterday and today so far. Played headsup non-stop and got kicked in the junk non-stop. Everything started yesterday evening when I won my first match easily. Then things started to fall apart, fast. I lost the next three matches in rapid succession and I logged off. It’s just no fun when you get some premium hands and see them go down in flames. You raise preflop with QQ. Opponent calls. Flop comes down 7J7…you pray that your opponent has the jack…you bet big…he shoves…hmm…you call…he’s got the hammer and busts you. Good calling preflop. That’s about the only flop you could win money with. Other brutal hands included QQ vs KJ…sure enough K…JJ vs Q9…Q…etc etc etc. So I logged off and called it a night.

I thought I’d squeeze in a little afternoon session today, I shouldn’t have. I played fish after fish after fish. In a total of six matches I faced exactly one winning player (according to Sharkscope). How many matches did I win? 0. Honestly, I’m so tilted right now, I’ll log off right after this post and I’m not sure if I’ll return tonight or not. It was so bad. The chased me and chased me and sure enough they connected on the river. Brutal. The one guy called my down with any Ace high and any pair (even lowest pair on board with 4 overcards) and to add insult to injury he sucked out on the river in four big pots. Yeah, decision wise there’s nothing to complain about, he commited all his money with crap and got lucky. But results wise it sucks big time. In the last 10 matches I’ve gone WLLLLLLLLL, so 1-9. Not that unusual if you figure in the brutal beats I took, still has me on the edge of full blown tilt. So sick how some lucksacks can keep hitting on you with no end. Sick. Oh well, I’m out for now…better luck soon, hopefully, it can’t continue this way, no can it? Here’s to having a hand hold up in a big pot….and good luck at the tables everyone…

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