A little headsup action
Thursday July 24th 2008, 2:01 am
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Played some more headsup today. I guess I will take a break from it again once the Pokerstars 2x promotion runs out on headsup matches (sunday) as I’ve had enough of headsup for a while. It’s not the results or the “pressure” of constantly fighting over pots, it’s more or less the sick beats I took during play…it’s really sick and the number of beats you take in a small amount of time can be too much. I mean, yeah, if he’s x% to win the pot, he’s x% to win it. But how come that sometimes x < 10% = 99,9999999%? This is just stupid. Overall I had another winning session today, so I shouldn't even be complaining, but I still do. Made some questionable plays that cost me two matches, all good there, the rest was shoving in with the nuts (or close to it) and then getting sucked out on. I mean alrighty, you weren't stone dead when you put in your money, but why does the longshot redraw always have to hit? Sick....and don't get me starting on flips...had to take six of them today (either because my opponents were short, I was short or it was a no brainer hand, e.g. AQs both ~ 10BB (blinds 75/150 with 1500 starting chips), I'm not folding there anyway)...won exactly 0 of them. At least I won around 50% of the 60/40 situations, suboptimal, but better 50% than even less...alrighty...enough rambling....I'm outta here...good night and good luck at the tables everyone...


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