Down a little, but still smiling
Friday July 25th 2008, 4:09 am
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I finally got my new external hard-drive delivered today, so I could get things going with the reinstall. It actually took longer than expected to get everything up and running again, so no extended poker playing today. Still managed to get a small session in and boy, it was exciting. Played headsup against a really colourful mix of players. On one hand there were the real fish (sharkscope certified) on the other hand the real skilled ones (not sharks by sharkscope’s standard, but certainly good, winning players).

The funny thing was that it didn’t matter at all who I was facing, the matches were mostly decided by setup hands. I mean, yeah, it’s not mandatory to put your money in with TP and a flush-draw…but it’s pretty standard I would say. If your opponent flops bottom two in said hand, the hand basically plays automatically. I lost that hand. Similar occurrences in the other matches. So it was no surprise that I lost half my matches and won the other half. So down the rake, but still smiling as I’ve never seen so many setup hands in such a short amount of time in my life…oh well…glitch in the poker matrix or a statistical abnormity…who cares, it was sick and funny at the same time. I’m outta here…gl at the tables everyone…

I love fish

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