Cooler-Town, USA, population: me
Saturday March 21st 2009, 11:31 pm
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Played some headsup matches today and about the only time I had fun was teasing and busting a supernova. I can only imagine how he ended up at the 11$ tables, but judging based on his play (e.g. donk calling an all-in with A2 s00000ted) I would say, well…who knows…

Apart from that one I’ve been in cooler-town, USA all day. I mean if you play headsup you’re bound to find yourself in second best vs best hand situations a lot…although I’m not talking about nuts vs second nuts hands here…anyway…managed to run Queens into Kings, Kings into Aces…along with the usualy 30% = 100% against me hands and that was that…chop chop chop the opponent down…then get kicked in the junk…lose…oh well…I’m outta here…

teasing the supernova

busting the supernova

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