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Call: To place an amount of chips in the pot equal to the previous bet. It is necessary to at least call a bet to stay in the game.

Calling Station: Type of player who will call a lot sometimes even any hand. They do not think about other people’s hands, but rather just want to see if their hand will win. They do not bluff much (if at all) and are not aggressive.

Cap: In Limit games the cap is used to limit betting. A usual cap is 4 rounds of betting (1 bet + 3 raises after that in any given betting round, i.e. preflop, after the flop, after the turn and after the river).

Cash Game: also known as Ring game. In contrast to tournaments, players buy-in and cash out as they please.

Chase: Calling a bet in hopes of hitting a desired/needed card.

Check: If the action is on you and you don’t want to put up a bet, it’s free to check. If there is a prior bet you can’t check, you’re left with the options call, raise or fold.

Check-Raise: Tactical move also known as check-reraise. You don’t want to start out betting and check to let your opponent make a bet, which you intend to reraise. Popular tactic if you’re holding a nuts hand. Once your opponent has commited (hopefully) a large amount of his stack to the pot it’s hard for most players to lay down the hand.

Chop: to split a pot or tournament winnings. A pot chop occurs when two or more players hold equivilant hands or if the name of the game is 8b (high/low) and there are qualifying hands. Another chop scenario is the final table of a tournament. If the players agree the winnings can be divided via certain criteria (current chip count, equally, …).

Cold Call: A call of a bet and prior re-raise or a ultra fast call of a large bet.

Colt: Starting hand of 4-5

Community Cards: also know as board cards.

Connector: also know as connected (cards). Two hole cards of consecutive rank (i.e. 8-9, J-Q, K-A, 2-3, …)

Cowboys: starting hand of K-K

Cutoff: The player sitting in front of the dealer, the last player to act prior to the dealer.

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