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Family Pot: When more than three players are contending for a pot, the pot is often considered a family pot. Also known as a Multiway-Pot.

Fifth Street: also known as the river.

Fish: Derogatory for a bad player who is not only playing bad, but usually loses big amounts of money, too.

Five of a kind: Hand consisting of 4 cards of the same kind + one wild-card. Only possible in games involving wildcards (jokers).

Fixed Limit: Betting amounts are limited, i.e. in a 3$/6$ game the betting is usually limited to 3$ post- and pre-flop, but limited to 6$ on the turn and river.

Flat tire: Jack and Four suited or not. As in, “If you have a flat tire, it’s what you use the jack “four”. Side note: also know to deflate bad player’s stacks.

Flop: The first three community cards in Hold’em, Omaha.

Flush: Hand consisting of five cards of the same suit (i.e. 2-4-7-10-A all hearts).

Flush draw: When you’re holding 4 cards of the same suit and are hoping to catch the fifth on the next card – you’re on a flush draw.

Fold: To not match a prior bet and throw the hand away.

Four of a kind: Hand consisting of 4 cards of the same rank, i.e. A-A-A-A-x

Fourth Street: also known as the turn.

Free Card: If no prior bet was made and you’re last to act, you can check to get “a free card” (without making a bet).

Freeroll: The term “freeroll” refers to a touranment with no entry free. These sorts of tournaments are generally promotions run by poker rooms to attract customers. For example, a $1000 freeroll means that the poker room is putting up the $1000 in prize money for a tournament, and there is no entry fee into the tournament. Most freerolls are limited in size (maximum players allowed to enter) and sometimes to a certain group of players (i.e. new depositors freeroll).

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