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Half-Hacked: Showing only one of the two hole cards at showdown. This happens when the other player mucks after this one card was shown (as he’s already beaten by it).

Hammer, the: Starting hand of 7-2o which has become synonymous with the blogger poker hand. Invented by Grubby. If any tells you something about a pro inventing it or something – then tell him that he doesn’t have a clue!

Hammertime: also known as hammer time. Time after a hammer (see above) has been dropped or is about to being dropped.

Hammerflop: If you’re playing in a Poker Blogger tournament and you hear the term Hammerflop this is once again in reference to the hammer, a possible hammerflop would be something along the lines of 7-7-2, 7-2-2, 7-2-x, 7-7-x or 2-2-x.
Heads Up: Can be used in different situations:

  1. Only two players are playing at all (1on1)
  2. Only two players are left in the pot (Heads Up for the pot)

High Card: Lowest possible winning hand. If noone can combine his hole cards with the board cards to make a pair.

Hiltons: also known as Hilton Sisters, Gabor Sisters, Ladies. Starting hand of two Queens.

Hockey Sticks: Starting hand of 7-7

Hole Cards: The face down cards you’re dealt at the beginning of a poker hand (2 – Hold’em, Stud; 4 – Omaha) and in case of Stud the 7th card.
Hooks: see Brothers

Hourly Rate: Suppose that a player is playing 4 hours of poker and has won 200$ in the process – then the player’s hourly rate is +50$

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