Bloggerpods 3 – Starting table = final table
Monday July 24th 2006, 2:18 am
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Started out with Waffles, Duggle, Miami Don and our host at table 1…played a mix of tight-passive (early on)/tight-aggressive poker and was successfull. After nearly two hours we sit down at the final table…

Bloggerpods 3 Final table

…then right before the second break the following hand comes down:

I’m in the BB with 88, Dnasty raises it 3BB from the SB, I call…flop comes down 8-9-10 rainbow, so unless he’s got me set over set I’m golden, he insta-pushes…I insta-call…he shows AA…nice! So no straight to fear…dealer does his magic and drops a friggin A on the river…no 9144 chips for me, but out in 8th place (6 ITM, top 3 get the ipods).

Now I’m not going to go off in a Hellmuth style rant or moan like The Mouth after getting yet another junk kicking…after all it was best hand in, best hand out, but considering the fact that the money didn’t go in preflop, there’s at least a little thing to moan about: flop 86/9 (5 tie), turn 77/5 (18 tie)…friggin river 0/100…and a Mike “The Mouth” Matusow quote is in order “There’s no justice in poker…”…thank you.

God damn it! FFS!

…and before I forgot it due to the whole steaming like a fresh pile of poo thing: Once again thanks to Mike for hosting!

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