Grinding can be fun…
Friday August 15th 2008, 3:01 am
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…but it can be frustrating as well. I played a longer session by current standards, over 4h without a break. Nothing much going on either way, after 1MTT, 1DS and 10 SnGs I’m down 2 bucks…lol…snap. Oh well, at least I got myself into my favourite game again, a Stud H/L MTT…80 runners…almost 2h and I’m busto in 29th. It was a pretty sick run. Within the first 30 minutes I almost doubled up and was the chipleader. I was walking on water and pushing the edges…and it payed off. After that it was cooler town for the next hour. Gotta love it when you’re opponent gotta have perfect cards in the hole and/or catch them on 6th or 7th and does just that. Oh well…I managed to hang in there but couldn’t recover…in the end the antes were eating me alive so I had to push it, didn’t work out…oh well…I’m outta here…gl at the tables everyone….

Stud MTT final result

random pic dump

random pic dump

random pic dump

One hour of glory…50 minutes of pain…
Sunday May 04th 2008, 12:46 am
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That basically describes my Stud8-experience tonight. After busting out of a NL game early (again) I decided to switch gears. A Stud8-MTT seems to be the perfect fix and as one was starting right away, here I go. The first hour was nice, going in with the best coming out with the best…in between I was the chipleader and never lower than 5th in chips. Noice. Then the first break came…

First break

After the break I had the worst 50 minutes of Stud8 IN MY LIFE. Sick, sicker, the sickest. Then back to sick again. Unbelievable. I mean it was ppl trying to give their chips away (chasing the second best hand one way…fighting to maybe win half the pot if they got lucky)…and lucky they got rivering me thrice on seventh with 5 outs or less…pretty sick. But oh well, that’s how it goes…as we all know donkeys always draw…especially in limit. So I’m out in 42nd and still pretty sick about it. Nothing you can do though, so I’m off for the night and steaming…hope you have better luck at the tables…

out in 42nd

PokerStars WCOOP announced

PokerStars just announced this year’s World Championship of Online Poker…

Sep.14 (15:00) NL Hold’em [6-max] $215 $400,000
Sep.14 (16:30) PL 5-Card Draw $215 $100,000   ***
Sep.15 (15:00) PL Omaha [6-max] $215 $200,000
Sep.15 (16:30) 2-7 Triple Draw $215 $100,000
Sep.16 (16:30) NL Hold’em $530 $2,000,000
Sep.17 (15:00) PL Omaha w/Rebuys $320 $400,000
Sep.18 (15:00) Limit Hold’em $215 $100,000
Sep.19 (15:00) Limit Omaha H/L $530 $300,000
Sep.20 (15:00) NL Hold’em w/Rebuys $215 $1,000,000
Sep.21 (15:00) NL Hold’em Match Play $320 $500,000
Sep.21 (16:30) Razz $215 $100,000   ***
Sep.22 (15:00) HORSE $215 $200,000   ***
Sep.22 (16:30) PL Hold’em $530 $400,000
Sep.23 (16:30) NL Hold’em $1,050 $2,000,000
Sep.24 (15:00) 7 Card Stud $320 $100,000
Sep.25 (15:00) PL Omaha H/L $320 $200,000
Sep.26 (15:00) NL Hold’em [6-max] $320 $400,000   ***
Sep.27 (15:00) 7 Card Stud H/L $530 $200,000
Sep.28 (15:00) PL Omaha $530 $300,000
Sep.28 (16:30) NL Hold’em Triple Shootout $530 $200,000
Sep.29 (15:00) HORSE $5,200 $500,000
Sep.29 (16:30) Limit Hold’em $1,050 $200,000
Sep.30 (16:30) NL Hold’em Main Event $2,600 $5,000,000

*** I think I’m going to try to satellite into these ones…let’s see how it goes, still plenty of time to do it…and wouldn’t it be sweet to win a bracelet while sitting at home at the compi…beautiful…. 😉

Hold’em wheeee, Stud wheee, Stud H/L booo, PLO boooooooooooooo
Wednesday November 01st 2006, 2:12 am
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That pretty much sums up my session at FullTilt. Started out with busting some donkey balls at the CAP Hold’em tables. Then decided that it was time to play some other games again. Stud went fairly well. Stud H/L in return didn’t go well at all. Then I fired up two PLO tables and the shit really got sour.

I mean, I’m certainly no expert at PLO (in contrast to one of my better games PLO8), so it might be that I played some hands the “wrong” way, but some hands just went so bad that I couldn’t believe it.

Example: I hold AsKs4c5c, flop comes 2s5sAh, so I’ve got top two with and inside straight draw and the nut flush draw…pot by my opponent…raise pot = CAP by me…admitted loose call by my opponent…he shows QQ77…hmm…turn 7c river Qd…nice, NOT!

Example #2: I hold As2sAd2d…now that’s not the best hand in the world, but not the worst either…pot preflop…two callers…flop Ah6dJh….EP pots it….I reraise CAP…other player folds…showdown 6s6h2h2c…wheeee….turn 7h…d’oh…one time dealer…pair the board….as if…damn it 😉 …river…10h…

Oh well…slightly down for the (playing) session, still slightly up due to some cleared reload bonus dough so ‘s all good…

Bad day…
Sunday February 05th 2006, 4:46 am
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No matter what I played today, I sucked at all of the games…or the cards I got sucked…whatever…I played a Stud H/L MTT (busted out early), a Omaha H/L SnG (bubbled), two NL Hold’em MTT (busted out in the first hour in both)…argh!

I guess there’s no point in playing anymore today…better luck tomorrow I guess…or not…we’ll see…

Studtastic and HE-drastic
Friday February 03rd 2006, 3:16 am
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I guess I should come up with better post titles, but it’s 3am, so I blame that fact for it 😉

Played a 7 Stud H/L MTT on PokerStars – the first in quite a while and to my surprise I was right back in the action (after all I was playing 7Stud H/L exclusively for quite a while) and able to scoop quite a bit in the beginning. Just before the bubble I was able to triple up and cruise into the money. Didn’t catch much of anything after that and just survived another level (antes 200, limits 1000/2000)…finished 47th of 456…for a whooping profit of 1.48$ (3$+0.30$ buyin)…Had three hours of poker fun though 😉 stud result

After that I played a NL HE SnG and promptly busted out in 8th, those buggers have been totally -ev in recent days, I think I’m going to start playing MTTs again…

Friday December 30th 2005, 3:18 am
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I just played a little Stud H/L Limit S&G over at AbsolutePoker and what can I say – this is going to be the last one for quite a while. This was the first tournament of any sort that had me frustrated quickly…and not because of the cards that I was dealt. Let me explain: you sit at a one table S&G and play Stud H/L and one player at the table uses all the time he’s got on his hands all the time…so you’re basically sitting there waiting with each and every card that is being dealt – the other players weren’t too fast themselves which didn’t help either.

So I was trying to get out asap as after one hour of play we were heading nowhere and I’m right in the middle of it. This is the first and only time that I didn’t care if I won or not, I just wanted to get out asap, even if that meant taking last place – and this is what happened. I raised every card and busted myself with nothing in hand. So, I’m out of 2$+0.40$ fee, but more importantly I barely escaped with a sane mind and a few nerves less…

I guess a pic says more than thousand words…:

Ever felt that way?

Thursday December 29th 2005, 2:45 am
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Just donked off some money with a little two table S&G. Turbo Limit Stud H/L was the game and making the final table (top 8 of 16) was no problem, but staying alive longer was as both the ante and the blinds were raised every 5 minutes. So that leaves you with little choices as even calling down a hand can put you all-in quickly (after all there are 5 betting rounds)…I guess I should stick with normal tourneys or S&Gs when it comes to Stud…

Now I’m going to play in the “Donkeys Always Draw Invitational” over at PokerStars…this will be my second poker blogger tournament…more of this later on….

Sunday December 18th 2005, 5:08 am
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Seems I’m hitting rock bottom at PokerStars. Played a little 7 stud H/L turbo S&G (16 players, Buy-In 1.5$ + 0.25$ fee, top 4 in the money). Played my game as usual and was able to scoop some pots early on, then I kept running into the chip-leader three times in a row…busted out at the final table in 8th position. Argh!

Sunday December 18th 2005, 2:45 am
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Another 7 Stud H/L tournament and another finish in the top 3 (of 7)…the best way to describe my playing: good. Just sitting around and waiting for good H+L hands to come around and at least taking down the low pot when I was in a hand…so no problem at all finishing in the top 3. Maybe I should have a look at the higher buy-ins (this one was 0.50$ + 0.10$ fee again).