I am an idiot with 0 tilt-control
Sunday March 10th 2013, 1:19 am
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That’s all folks…

(After today’s nice run, I started a second session in which used to be my specialty – HU nl hold’em sngs…and I failed miserably…after taking some nasty beats early on, I totally lost it and donked off all my profits and then some….pretty sick…yuck…I’m so disgusted and disappointed in myself just now…wow…busto once more…sick sick sick…the only thing that is “positive” this time around is that I had cashed out my initial redeposit + a small profit…but it still hurts to lose all the extra profit I made in one fugly session…ouch…oh well, nothing I can do now but moan, logoff and be mad at myself for a while…I’m outta here…peace…)

Saturday March 09th 2013, 9:58 pm
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Nice to finally experience something like a heater again. Despite losing one or two huge pot with KK against the likes of Ace wheeee ten…I managed to grind out a nice profit today. Running good surely helps, and tbh I was really surprised that all the really big hands held up.

Exhibit A:
Pre: QQ, MP 1 seat before me raises to 3BB, I reraise it to 7BB, CO calls, original raiser reraise to 20BB, I flat, CO calls as well. (Pot 61BB)

Flop: 3c Jd Qc – Yatzee!
MP checks, I bet out 30BB, CO folds, MP reraises all-in, I insta-call (Pot 212BB) – MP shows AA – tough luck

Turn: K
River: 7

Cha-ching! (My All-In Equity 89.8)

Exhibit B:
Pre: AA, UTG minraises, I minraise UTG+2, Button flats, UTG flats (Pot 13BB)

Flop: 5s Jd 6h
UTG checks, I bet out 9BB, Button minraises, I think set or overpair oh well if you’ve got a set you got me – shove, instacall – Button shows: QQ (Pot 165BB)

Turn: Th
River: 6d

Cha-ching! (My All-In Equity: 91.62)

Had another three bigger pots, equity 98.38, 88.79 and 100 and amazingly all three held up. Noice!

That’s the way I like it and I can logoff with a smile…