Another nice SnG run…
Monday October 02nd 2006, 1:12 am
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…although not as nice as yesterday’s run. Played six SnGs tonight, finished ITM four times, not a single win though, bubbled twice. Weird how it goes sometimes, you totally dominate the table and hold a commanding chip lead just to go up in flames once you’re down to three-handed play. The worst loss tonight was back-to-back from chiplead to out of here: Hand 1 I hold AKs and lose a race to JJ, not a biggie…I got the opponent covered by almost 100%…so after the hand he’s got me covered by less than 50 chips….the very next hand I look down at AKo…we get the money in preflop again and he shows A10s…nice…give me back my chips…flop AxK…nice…turn Q…river…yes…J…ding…oh well, it’s the way it goes 😉

So I’m finishing the day slightly down…but no biggie I’ll be back tomorrow (as there’s a bank holiday over here on tuesday, I took monday off to have a super extended weekend)…

Bonus hunt update: I still didn’t go back to nine, I’m still too pissed off about all the suckouts I suffered on there. Good news though, I used the first part of my points I got for finishing the bodog promotion on pokersourceonline to get a 50$ amazon gift certificate…I ordered the WPT Season 2 Box Set a few weeks ago and it arrived this week…8 DVDs of Poker Goodness…I’m already through with watching the first 4 DVDs and I gotta say: I love it…although it’s not the newest stuff – in contrast, it’s rather old school, seeing some of the now well established players hitting their first final tables and all, but that’s the thing that makes it cool, especially as I hadn’t seen the second season yet.

Here’s the link to amazon as I’m too lazy to take a picture of the box myself 😉

World Poker Tour - Season Two

That was quick
Friday September 01st 2006, 1:47 pm
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Received a mail from PSO this, telling me that my account with bodog was confirmed (“Thank you for signing up for online poker through Poker Source Online. Your account has been confirmed and your order is being sent to our fulfillment department”….”If you selected PSO points as your free item, your points will be posted within 3 business days.”). Groovy…and now I login to find that the points have been already credited to my account. W00t!

That was a really great experience with an easy promotion to go along with it (clear it just over a week playing at the loooow levels). Thumbs up PSO!