Still around…just not playing poker

Hehe, indeed I’m still around, but as you’ve probably already noticed via the post title or the lack of updates, I’m not really playing poker…or at least not much.

After my pretty sick run at FTP, falling victim to the crack errm rush poker, I took a beating a stars as well. So I did the sensible thing and stepped away for a bit. After a while I had to get back into action though, and as the pitty of a bankroll dictated it, I made my way down to the depths of donkeyland. To make a long story short, they had a field-day squashing the remainder of my roll and I’m officially busto at stars as well.

I will spare you all the details, but let me say this much: play wasn’t pretty, it wasn’t logical and it sure as hell wasn’t correct strategically or mathematically, but it was “right” in the sense that they got the best of me. Who cares if they’re just 5-20% to win in 95% of the cases? Usually that would be me, at least if I would win 95% of those cases or even anywhere close to that, hell I’ll take 50%…but as you already know that wasn’t the case…the curse of the real bad run, when you know you’re fucked even though you push it in leaving your opponent 4 outs or less…

In related news there was a home-game a few weeks back and with my abstinence from online donkin, I was more than happy to play some live poker. The end result was close to the online results, hell, it was the same shit tbh. I could get some hands together, playing my heart out, but once the big pots came around, I couldn’t catch a break. I can honestly say that I didn’t have one hand hold up in a crucial pot.

Let me give you a few examples: I started the evening coming out of the gates firing. Raise, raise, raise, raise. I win a few small pots in a row. My reasoning is simple: I’ve got a crowd of gamblers at the table and they don’t mind making incorrect plays (e.g. calling big raises preflop, chasing with incorrect odds, etc), there’s only one player that plays really sound strategy and I’ve got position on him. My strategy works out beautifully as I look down at QQ after raising and winning the last 5 pots. I raise again big preflop in LP and get one caller. Once the flop comes down ten high, I push all-in as my opponent only has got 1.5x the pot left. I get instacalled by jackAce off. Before I can say shit the Aceball hits the turn and I take a hit. On the next hand I raise big again, holding AQs. I get the same caller again. The flop comes Axx and after it’s checked to me I push all-in again. I get snap-called by KK. Turn blank…river king. Fuck me. I bow out once my next AQs can’t connect against JJ and I’m busto. Fucking A++.

So, to make a long story short, I guess you won’t be hearing any online poker news from me in the upcoming weeks as I’m taking a real break this time…I wish you better luck than me…good luck at the tables and peace out…