Sunday April 29th 2007, 3:43 am
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Not much poker going on today…only some minor cashgame donkeritis (finished slightly up) and one shorthanded SnG (W). Poker is always fun when you win…end of story.

Some pimpin: don’t forget about Al‘s Blogger Bracelet race on Full Tilt tomorrow. Unfortunately I won’t be able to play as I’ve got some important meeting on monday morning, so playing a tourney which starts at 1am monday morning (my time zone) isn’t really an option this time…

blogger bracelet race

How to score second in a blogger tourney and be slightly mad afterwards
Saturday April 28th 2007, 3:03 am
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  1. Register for friday blogger donkament rebuy madness (TM), proudly presented by Kat.
  2. See that there are two players registered, including yourself, five minutes before the start of the tourney.
  3. See that there are three players registered, three minutes before the start of the tourney.
  4. See that there are two players registered as the tourney is about to start.
  5. Think about why there are only two players. Check out Kat’s blog and realize that she posted the wrong password which will keep all new players from registering.
  6. Play headsup in a rebuy tourney. Hi on_thg. GG, sort of πŸ˜‰
  7. Be slightly annoyed after losing the first bs hand (two pair vs flush draw?!….flush on the river).
  8. Be slightly pissed off after the second bs hand (AJ vs 97, all in preflop…A-10-8…turn blank…river J…97 rides the magic carpet to a straight on the river).
  9. Be elated after winning the next hand for all the marbles (AJ vs A2).
  10. Be totally pissed off after losing the next bs bs bs hand (K9 vs A9, flop AK9…lol…yeah right…cold deck mountain…here I come…).
  11. Rebuy a final time, down 1:4 in chips…tell your opponent that this is the final rebuy…bust out by running Q5 s00ted into Kings (btw where’s my running flush here?! πŸ˜‰ ).
  12. Sit here, type this post.
  13. Curse bad luck in headsup recently.
  14. Realize that after the latest software upgrade the hand histories weren’t saved to disk anymore (hence the ?! in 7. as I can’t remember if it was two pair, overpair or top pair I had there).
  15. Curse bad luck in headsup recently.
  16. Think about how close you came to winning a blogger tourney…lol…
  17. Curse bad luck in headsup recently.
  18. Smile.
  19. Logoff.



Monster laptop and the grind
Friday April 27th 2007, 1:33 am
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Well, well…Mr. UPS man brought my new laptop today and boy, it’s not only pretty, it’s light and it’s a real monster – performance wise. Wow. Delivered in less than 24h, installed/configured in less than an hour and I was off and rolling…now I can finally play wherever I want in the house…alright…it’s nice to play on a 22″ screen, but I’ll take some single or two table action on this one any day when I can lay my lazy behind down on the couch πŸ˜‰

So…I played a little and won my first two headsup matches easily. Lost the third one. Then I switch to some PLO8 and I just couldn’t get a break. I was almost down and out…grind my way back…almost down and out…grind my way back…but every time I was back to even, or close to it, a ridiculous hand came down…just like the last one…KK23 double suited for me….AA34 double suited for my opponent…and yes, he has the same suits as me…go figure…nut flush vs second nut flush and I’m busto…wack!

After that I played some more HU and I dropped two matches…after that I really didn’t feel like playing anymore. It’s just that I’m stuck. Recently, I’ve had a few “good runs” and a lot of “bad runs”, but basically some of the bad runs were self-induced by either a) not quitting after getting (slightly) tilted or b) getting impatient against moronic players – what’s the point in playing flips against a donk who can’t win straight up? Well, the point is that if you get impatient and tell yourself that you’re “due” to win a coinflip, it isn’t the best decision you can make…

So…I guess I’ll either rest a little for the next few days or switch to some MTTs again as this SnG stuff is really wearing me down. I would really love to step up another level, but it wouldn’t be a wise decision as the roll is just not big enough for it…or would you start playing with a roll smaller than 20-25 buyins? I don’t think it’s a REAL bad idea, but then again, once you get into a little stretch where you drop three, four or five in a row, it’ll certainly have an effect on my play (“scared money isn’t smart money”), so I think I’ll have to stick to the currently level for a little longer…although it’s hard…playing against Donky McFish and Fishy McFish-Fish day in day out…

Ingoal the fish-magnet and a new laptop
Thursday April 26th 2007, 3:34 am
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*lol* I still can’t stop laughing about this one fish. Yes, he was my downfall in a six handed PL 5-Card-Draw SnG, but hey, I’m still laughing. The setup was perfect, it’s early on in the SnG and I’m on the button. I look down at two pair, Queens and Deuces…not a monster hand, but good enough for a raise, especially as all players limped in front of me. So I pop it up to 100. SB folds…BB calls…BB+1 calls…BB+2 calls…BB+3 calls. Hmm…exciting. Let’s see how the draw goes. BB draws 3…BB+1 draws 3….BB+2 draws 3…BB+3 draws 3…I draw one…a brick. Nothing new there, but what the hell is going on here. All those guys called a +4x raise preflop OOP and now they’re drawing 3?! What the hell? Ever heard of starting hand requirements? So I’m guessing there are two guys with Aces and god knows what the others have. BB leads out. BB+1…folds…BB+2…folds….BB+3…folds…errm yeah…I raise…BB ponders long and hard, or at least it seems that way, and he raises….hmm…must have caught good my friend…I call…he shows? Fives full of fours. A friggin boat.

Quick rewind: he calls +80 preflop with a pair of fives OOP. He draws three. He draws what? Not only one of the remaining fives in the deck, but also a pair. Three perfect cards! Are you kidding me?

So after that hand I’m off to a real bad start and I lean back, curse my luck, go off a little in the chat and focus on the game again. A few hands later…I hold two pair again…my donkponent get’s involved again…draws three again…I draw one again…a brick…what does he show? Trip sixes…he called again preflop with his huge pair of sixes and drew out on me. Nice. Down but not out. A few hands later…I look down at a pair of Aces on the button…I pop it up AGAIN…my donkponent get’s involved again…I draw three, bricks, he draws three…what does he show? Aces and Kings with a queen kicker…hmm…not bad…yuck.

After those three ridiculous freezers (although the last one isn’t a real freezer, but let’s just say that hand #1 was an ultra-freezer and #2 was a freezer, so the average should be freezer), I’m down to roughly 320 in chips and the next time I start with two pair again…another opponent get’s involved…he draws three…I draw my usual brick and he shows his set…gg me.

Now, why am I laughing so hard about that fish in particular (and this SnG)? Well, tbh, I should be crying, but it doesn’t matter and it won’t change anything, so I might as well laugh it off. I mean come on, someone drawing three perfect cards, then 1 perfect card, then two perfect cards…can’t do much about that, now can you? Not really…so nothing to be mad about, especially considering the two following things:

1. I told the fish that the only way he could win anything would be if he was lucky and as soon as his luck ran out he would be busto in no time. Now remember, he got ultra-lucky against me and held over 4k in chips when I busted in 6th. Sure enough my prediction rang true as he busted in 3rd. *lol* good job there.

2. I look him up on Sharkscope and this is probably the BIGGEST fish I’ve ever seen. Honestly, tell me, how can you drop nearly 5000$ playing 5$ SnGs?! Poor sucker…

But enough about that SnG, I only played one headsup match after that disappointment and who did I play? A player from Stuttgart…well…that’s 20km from here…middle of the night, half-way across the world (pokerstars) and who do you meet at the table…a fellow german…lol…cool stuff. I won the match easily as he managed to bluff off his chips like crazy…and sharkscope says…fish …hence the title of this post…

In other news, I finally ordered my new laptop today. I was looking around for months now and it seemed that I just couldn’t find “the” perfect model. My requirements were:

1. max 14.1″ screen…15.4″ screens are fine, but having a 15.4″ screen means that the things is at least 16.x” wide (15.4″ + frame)…usually models sporting a 15.4″ screen are heavy (around 3+ kg)…and due to the big screen the battery runtime is usually low(er) too…

2. decent vga…integrated intel and stuff is cool, but not really…especially as I tend to hold on to laptops for quite some time (I bought my current laptop, an IBM Thinkpad, 6 years ago), so it should be at least up to par now so that’ll still be “okay” in a few years…

3. at least 1GB of ram…better 2GB…dual channel…yadda-yadda…

4. don’t care much about hdd size but 80GB would be fine and a DVD burner would be nice too…

5. shipped with Vista

6. not the most expensive one out there

7. service…at least two-year warranty with at pickup service or better…

8. screen resolution of at least 1024×768…but preferred would be some widescreen format (e.g. 1280×800)…

Given those requirements, it was a real hard task to find a compromise between some of them – 14.1″ models are usually far more expensive than 15.4″ models as 15.4″ is the biggest seller these days, so I guess the panel prices are way cheaper. Some models are still only available with Windows XP. Other models have 14″ screens, but only a 1024×768 resolution. Some models are looking good in pictures, but when you touch them in real life, they feel cheap and not really fit for everyday operation. etc etc

To make a long story short, I finally decided to go with the new Samsung R20-Aura line. There are only two models available in that line, so not much to chose from, but they are exactly what I was looking for. The difference between the models (Deva / Declan)? They’re exactly the same…except for the CPU…so chipset, ram, video card, hdd, dvd burner, software, everything is the same…

Deva – Core 2 Duo T7200 (2x2GHz, 4MB Cache)

Declan – Core Duo T2350 (2×1.86GHz, 2MB Cache)

Now, I always want to go with the newest stuff and all and a Core 2 Duo system would be nice, but I decided to go with the Core Duo model. Why? Let me explain…

Yeah, Core Duo isn’t the current line of Intel mobile processors, but it’s a kickass CPU and probably more CPU power than I’ll ever use (as this notebook will be used as a mobile computer, not as a desktop replacement) and you just can’t beat the price difference. I ordered it with 2GB of ram, 120GB HDD, DVD burner, Vista Home Premium, the whole shebang…and what’s the price difference between the two models (which are exactly the same minus the CPU)? 400 Euro (that’s roughly 545$)…you can keep your 2 between the Core and Duo for that fellows πŸ˜‰

…the best thing is that I ordered it this afternoon and they called me up five minutes after I had placed my order to confirm everything. The said it would be shipped tonight and earlier on I received a mail with the UPS tracking code…wheee…it really left their shop tonight and now, in the middle of the night, I just rolled into the UPS depot for my area…so…I expect to be playing on and with it tomorrow…the excitement πŸ™‚


T2350 – 1.86GHz Core Duo

2GB Ram

Ati x1250 video card (max 256MB, which will leave me with 1.79GB of ram)



Vista HomePremium

14.1″ Widescreen WXGA screen (1280×800)

Piano-style finish (shiny black)

Wednesday April 25th 2007, 1:43 am
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Imagine the following setup: You’re playing a five handed SnG. Top two ITM. Payout is 70/30.

You’re playing in that SnG and it’s obvious that second place isn’t really what you’re gunning for, first is what it’s all about. The first player is eliminated so you’re down to four handed. Then you look down at Aces. You raise, get reraise and reraised. You sit there with a big grin. You push and both players call. They show KK and 88…and your rockets hold up. You’re ITM with a 3:1 chiplead. What better spot to be in…and now, the jokester across from you is starting his trash talk how he’s going to take you down, yadda yadda. You sit there and laugh…you tell him that the only way he can win is if he get’s lucky, so let the cards speak and speak they do. Jab and grabble a little and soon enough he pushes preflop on the button…hehe…I got queens baby. Instacall…what does he show? 62o…alrighty…flop 6xx turn x river 6. Thank you very much. Yuck. A few hands later he does the same shit again. This time you don’t have such a monster, but you think he’s on a bullshit move, so you call with K9 s00ted. He shows Q2o. Errm yeah part #2…flop? QQJ…errm yeah turn no ten…river…no ten…and you’re out in second. Unbelievable.
After that I logged out of WPX immediately, because I didn’t want to throw away money as I was slightly annoyed, to say the least. I jumped over to PokerStars and played some headsup. Two easy Ws. Gotta love people who are transparent as glass. Raise: never, unless monster preflop. Bet: at least TP. Rest: check. That play is going to get you far boys, well, not really.

After those Ws, I jumped into a six handed SnG and it was a true drag. Doubled up early on, card dead after that. When I finally decide to take a stand preflop four handed (KQo UTG) the BB wakes up with AK…no help for me…and I’m out in 4th after 50 minutes of play. Now that’s double double -ev…I’m outta here…

Grind, grind, grind
Tuesday April 24th 2007, 1:30 am
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Today I decided to redeposit with WorldPokerExchange. To my surprise the traffic level is still low and I really can’t figure it out. What would keep players from playing at a rakefree poker room? I really don’t know, maybe it’s the endless cycle of players signing up, then realizing that traffic is low, then leaving again…rinse repeat. I’m going to hang around for a while, like I did last year, as you just can’t beat rakefree, especially if you play a shitload of SnGs. Just think about it…if I play 10 HU SnGs per day, it’s 2,5$/5$/10$ juice (5$/10$/20$ SnGs)…per day. That is pretty hard to overcome, especially if you suffer from suckoutitis or riveritis πŸ˜‰

After moneying two out of four SnGs, I decided to give PokerStars another spin, can’t be that unlucky all the time and indeed I hit it pretty good early on in my first HU match. Then I get rivered a few times again, or this match would have been over already, but still, I’ve got my opponent down to 640 and after (s)he minraises preflop we see a flop of AJ4 with two spades…bet raise raise raise raise call…and I’m way ahead against QJo no spade just like me…then the usual happens…

pretty sick

And we’re almost back to square one. Some chasing later I’ve got him/her down to about 500 again. This time we get it in again with TP vs SP…and lo and behold…my TP stands up and I score the W. Did it feel good, yeah, but I still don’t feel like playing another match tonight…not in the mood to get unlucky and logoff with a bad feeling…so I’ll leave it at that for tonight…

…as for headsup…that’s the only thing that annoys me a little when it comes to WPX…they don’t have HU tables…oh well…at least they’ve got five handed SnG…talk about playing short handed, good stuff…top two ITM…I guess those will be my feeding grounds for the next couple of weeks…

So sick, it makes we want to puke…
Monday April 23rd 2007, 3:54 am
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…it makes me want to puke, heya, makes me want to puke.

Oh brother, I thought I was over the whining, but after such a brutal session, it’s not easy, nowhere near easy to be honest. Started off by playing a peep at Full Tilt…donkaround big time…bust out in 8th. Oh well…turbo…what can I do, no hand in sight…need to make a move…didn’t work out.

So I jump over to PokerStars and play a 5$ headsup. I make a donkplay – calling an all-in with AKo preflop. Not a classic donk move, but why flip a coin against a donkbag. His fours stand up and I’m crippled and bust out a few hands later. So I decide to kick it up a level and resist the urge to click click click. Instead I do the whole think……click thing and it works out just fine. Until he sucks out on me like the best vacuum money can buy. So there’s goes 10$. After that I really thought long and hard about quitting, but nope, let’s play a “non-donk-level” one at 20$ a pop.

The match starts out pretty standard, raise and take it few times. Fold to a raise some times. About a dozen hands in my opponent is up 200 chips and we see a flop. I hold K7o. Flop comes down K75. He bets out small…I flat call. Turn K…bingo…check…check…river 8. He bets out pot…I raise…he reraises…I push…he instacalls…he show 46o for the straight…I’m up 2800-200. He pushes every hand after that and when I finally look down at the s00ted tourist (Ad7d) I call….he shows AsJs and it holds up. He’s up to nearly 500. “Normal play” resumes and he’s slowly but steadily chopping at my big stack. Soon enough he’s up to over a thousand again. I spare you the details, but let’s just say that he runner runnered and rivered my ass pretty good three times and after that I’m the one with slightly over 600 in chips. So sick. A few hands later I double up as he donkpushes into my turned straight. Back to square one. Win some lose some, get rivered some, get runner runnered some. Then take some pots again. I’m up around 1800-1200 again. I look down at 44…raise..he calls…flop comes down 468…he leads out, I raise…he calls…turn is a J…he pushes…hmm…do I fold bottom set here? Not really…with the preflop call…hmm…66…possible, but not likely…88…not really…JJ…hmm…not really…I can’t really put him on a hand, but I think I’m ahead here…oh well…what does he show…57o…errm yeah…nice call preflop…payed off big time too…so practically a “superstar move”, if you neglect the fact that this is  about the only flop that will win that huge pot for you (well…3-4-6 would be the other one)….crippled again…a few hands later we see an unraised flop of AAJ…me holding the J10…money goes in…he shows Ace rag and wins the match…there goes another 20$.

After that, I’m sitting here sick and thinking…what in the world is going on here? How come that a guy down to 200 in chips can come back to win it. How come that I flop a set he flops a straight? How come I’m ahead all the way betting and he sucks out a flush? How come that I get runner runnered? How come? This is just unreal. I get one cold deck early on (boat vs straight) and he get’s all the rest (I counted four major ones). What in the world is going on here? Am I the second Mike Matusow or was today just a bad spot to be me? I don’t know, but really, I’m feeling sick now and I curse my bad luck. Comeback from 200…get out of here…this is ridiculous…chip and chair, yeah…probably should have called every friggin all-in after he was down to 200…most likely would have won one of the next 3?! Who knows…I just thought that calling with 9, 10 and Q high wouldn’t be the best idea…work out perfectly, didn’t it…not really….so sick…so sick…

Donkey cash on fire

Rebuy madness and some live poker
Sunday April 22nd 2007, 1:52 am
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As I was too tired to write up a summary of Kat‘s Friday Rebuy Madness (TM) this morning (after I busted out after over two hours of play, past 5am), here it goes, spiced up with some live poker.

I had a terrible session prior to the rebuy madness. I couldn’t win a hand to save my very soul and after the first match I discovered a big, maybe even giant leak in my (HU/SnG) game. What is the leak? Impatience combined with being annoyed of all the luckboxes I’m facing on a daily basis. Now, this maybe doesn’t count as a genuine leak, but really it is. I play a match, play the best I can, put the money in with the (significantly) best of it and I lose. I go off the deep end in the next x minutes playing suboptimal strategy (making bad calls, getting impatient, calling in bad spots, etc). So I really need to work on that. When I’m in the zone (and stuff like this doesn’t happen) I’m waaaaaay ahead and crush the game. But as soon as a session starts off with a real bad beat or a succesion of such hands, I lose it and donk out of the next ones. Not a good thing.

But enough of the session prior to the rebuy madness. The rebuy madness started off with a real bummer. I got the first monsters I held crushered, big time. What did I hold? The hammer and the jackhammer, both crushered by “overcards”. Sick, sick, sick πŸ˜‰

So I rebought a few times donking around like there’s no tomorrow…and that’s the real beauty of this tourney. There’s just no better way to spend x dollars. You buyin for 2 (1+1; or better 3) dollars and donk around. If you make a mistake or donk move – who cares? 1$ will get you another 1k chips, 2$ will get you another 2k chips. Heeeehaaaw…enjoy. After the early “bad luck” – how dare you crusher my (jack)hammer?! – I picked up some nice hands and even cracked aces with a donkhand. Brilliant. After one hour of donkfoolery, I take the addon and the field looks like this:

first break

first break

Then I got moved to another table as some players pussed out (cough, Wawfuls etc, cough). Who do I find on my left…Mr. TripJax along with three other bigstacks…hmmm….nice…NOT.

big stack table

A few hands in and it’s obvious that some players are picking on my blinds, so it’s time to make a move. Trip raises from UTG and I look down at KQo in the BB…no way I’m folding here…so I call…hit top pair and it goes to the river…after the hand, it’s revealed that he had the hammer and picked up an OESD which didn’t come through on the river though. So I pick up the pot and enjoy myself. The very next hand I get dealt the hammer myself in the SB.

Hammer debacle in the making

After I miss the flop completely, I lead out nontheless with a nice sized cbet. Trip raises though and I have to fold the hammer. Back to square one.

The next hour is mostly a blur, win some lose some, but one hand stands out. If I knew that, I would have called the preflop raise. I sit with A9o on the button…one limper as it get’s to me…I limp as well…trip raises…limper calls…I ponder as the raise would be like 20-25% of my stack…so I decide to fold as I’ve got the feeling that I might be dominated here…flop comes down 992….whine…sigh…turn K…river 2…showdown Trip A8o…limper 66…so sick…if I call there…I triple up for sure, why? Because trip leads out for 2.5k on the flop…limper raises to 5k…no way in hell that I’m not either flat-calling or pushing there (7k) and at least the limper would have called the extra 2k for shizzle…oh well…just as the second break is about to kick in, we’re down to the final table…

second break

second break

8th out of 9…hmm…not a pleasent spot to be in…after we lose the first player, I push my stack in with A10o, which is no match to the other player’s JJ…


So, I’m out in 8th…

final result

So…am I disappointed? Not really, I played some donk poker (early on), I played some good poker (middle stage up to the final table) and I played some decent poker at the final table. All in all…10$ spend for 2.x hours of good poker fun with the boys (and gals)! See you all next week…

Fast forward to today, we started the day off by watching the top match of the german footie league (our local VfB Stuttgart whooped Bayern Munich 2-0) and a nice BBQ. After enjoying the goods, we decided to play a little poker, surprise surprise. We started an eight-handed SnG with a payout structure of 50/30/20%. Got off to a slow start, but finally picked up a decent hand once the blinds got bigger. I look down at QQ in the BB…two limpers…so I decided to push…not the best move there, but with all the chasers at our game, I’ll rather win a small pot than seeing my Queens go up in flames on a bad board. One of the limpers has another idea for the hand though. I’m a little worried there as he’s really thinking about calling…could he have Aces? Could he have Kings? Sure, but then again, if he had that, his money would already be in the pot for sure…so I wait for him to make his move and he finally calls with KJo…errrm yeah…probably a good idea, wait, not really. The queens stand up and I double up to around 3k in chips (2k starting stack). Fast forward a few levels and “the hand” comes down. I’m in the SB…we’re five handed…UTG folds…UTG+1 calls…button calls…I look down at 88…I raise…BB flat-calls…shortstack UTG+1 shoves it in (practically “only” doubling my bet)…the button calls…I call…BB calls…no need to get cute here, let’s see what the flop brings…flop comes down 89T rainbow….hmm…bottom set…not bad…check…BB checks…UTG+1 is already all-in so no action…button bets out 1.5k….hmmm…why bet into a dry sidepot here? Hmmm…I’ve got around 3.xk left…so I ponder my options…could it be that he flopped a bigger set here? Absolutely, but if I’m scared of set over set here, why am I playing at all, especially given the fact that the button is one of our resident maniacs. So I ponder a little and put him on either an overpair or top pair (which would both be gold here)…I push over the top and the BB folds…showdown…button A10o for TPTK…shorty KQo…me…88 for a set of eights…the turn is a blank and I got the huge sidepot secured…the only card that can take the main pot from me is a J…that doesn’t hit and I drag the biggest pot I’ve ever seen in our homegame. I’m sitting there with roughly 65-70% of all chips in play and we’re down to four handed (bubble time)…the next orbits are a blur, but I don’t use my bigstack to really bully ppl, but I used it to make the obvious button moves. We lose a player and then another player and I’m headsup with the resident maniac. Not really the player I want to see there, but my 3:1 chiplead gives me some leeway here. I lose the chiplead in one of the typical hands. I hold JXo and I flop two pair. I bet out pot-sized. Call. Turn blank. I lead out half the (now substantial) pot. Call. River Q. Check check, as I know I’m toast….and I am toast…back to even. Sigh…I lose some pots…and after a sick hand, I flop Aces he flops second pair…rivers his kicker…and he’s roughly a 1,8:1 chipleader now…after folds on both sides for some orbits, the money finally goes into the middle and I got the best of it. I’m in command at that point and it’s a matter of a few more hands until the money goes in again…me AJ s00ted vs “The negreanu” (T7o)…flop brings a pair of queens and a king…turn is a 9…river is a T and i take it down with broadway. Wheeee…finally a W again after the long drought. Took second last time, first this time, things are looking up again, ever since I re-evaluated my live game…good stuff there…all in all…a perfect saturday…hope you had a good one, too…good luck at the tables…

Why do I even bother?
Friday April 20th 2007, 12:53 am
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Today, I’m really sitting here and ask myself: Why do I even bother? Why? Why? Play donk number one, he chases like a champ, get’s lucky and goes ahead and tells me off about how he did nothing wrong etc. Well, boy, yes I played 93o to a raise. Yes, I knew you had big cards. Yes, the flop came down 9 high. Yes I knew I was ahead and bet it hard. No, you didn’t make a great play. No, it wasn’t skillful to call off your stack until you got lucky on the river. Yes, it really shows your class how you handle sucking out on someone. Wait, not really, so shut the fuck up donk!

Well, what can I say, I let it get to me, yet again. I really don’t know why I even bother getting involved in the chat with such morons. I know that they ain’t worth shit. If they get lucky, hell, they’ll win a match here and there, but overall they’re donating their money to the community. So, just switch off the chat and let them talk their trash bs. Let the cards speak.

So…well…I didn’t do that and I got kicked in the junk so hard that I can’t even sit anymore, gotta go lay on the couch as soon as this post is finished. One measly win out of 3 HU and 1 SH SnGs…pathetic…time to regroup and try something different again. Probably either move up (as even at the 10$ SnGs the play consists of 95% donks playing like shit, talking trash like they knew the first thing about poker) or play some cash again…

Self-induced tilt
Thursday April 19th 2007, 2:10 am
Filed under: Heads Up,No-Limit Hold'em,Omaha,PokerStars,Pot Limit,S&G,Shorthanded

Well, yesterday saw me get one year older…one more year before the big 3 0. Had a great time with family and friends, no big party or anything – that’ll be next year. Today it was back to the grind and it didn’t work out all that great.

Started out with some six handed SnGs. The first one was nice, I busted player after player as the couldn’t fold their “gold” (TPMK, SPNK, etc). So I get headsup with a guy and I’m 3:1 in chips. One suckout later and we’re even. One cooler later and he’s got me out in 2nd. Oh well…ITM is ITM, but I would have loved to start the session with a W. The next one was coolered ultra-deluxe. After the following hand I was pretty much gone, well, not really as I made a nice comeback to 1.7k before running my KQ s00ted into AK.


After that a little headsup SnG. W. After that, my mind is wondering if I should play a little “non-hold’em” again. I settle for a PLO SnG and I put myself on tilt. Not by bad play, but by chosing PLO playing against an absolute card-rack that doesn’t raise, ever. I bet and bet and bet into oblivion and the miracle card always comes on the end and/or my outs never hit. Now this is a little exaggerated, but it felt like it.

After that I should have cooled off a little, but I didn’t and promptly lost two headsup matches. The third one after that, I lost too. I couldn’t do anything about it either. I grind it out till I’m up 2200-800. I pop it preflop with nines, he raises, I reraise, he pushes…hmm…call…AJ s00ted…flop and turn are blank…J on the river. Back to square one. A few hands later he calls my all-in on an all-rags flop with KQ (I hold A5)…hmm…turn blank…queen on the river and busto. Nicely done sir.

Yuck. Poker is so cruel sometimes, oh well…one more can’t hurt. W…and I’m down and out for the night…better luck tomorrow…hopefully…