Self-induced tilt
Thursday April 19th 2007, 2:10 am
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Well, yesterday saw me get one year older…one more year before the big 3 0. Had a great time with family and friends, no big party or anything – that’ll be next year. Today it was back to the grind and it didn’t work out all that great.

Started out with some six handed SnGs. The first one was nice, I busted player after player as the couldn’t fold their “gold” (TPMK, SPNK, etc). So I get headsup with a guy and I’m 3:1 in chips. One suckout later and we’re even. One cooler later and he’s got me out in 2nd. Oh well…ITM is ITM, but I would have loved to start the session with a W. The next one was coolered ultra-deluxe. After the following hand I was pretty much gone, well, not really as I made a nice comeback to 1.7k before running my KQ s00ted into AK.


After that a little headsup SnG. W. After that, my mind is wondering if I should play a little “non-hold’em” again. I settle for a PLO SnG and I put myself on tilt. Not by bad play, but by chosing PLO playing against an absolute card-rack that doesn’t raise, ever. I bet and bet and bet into oblivion and the miracle card always comes on the end and/or my outs never hit. Now this is a little exaggerated, but it felt like it.

After that I should have cooled off a little, but I didn’t and promptly lost two headsup matches. The third one after that, I lost too. I couldn’t do anything about it either. I grind it out till I’m up 2200-800. I pop it preflop with nines, he raises, I reraise, he pushes…hmm…call…AJ s00ted…flop and turn are blank…J on the river. Back to square one. A few hands later he calls my all-in on an all-rags flop with KQ (I hold A5)…hmm…turn blank…queen on the river and busto. Nicely done sir.

Yuck. Poker is so cruel sometimes, oh well…one more can’t hurt. W…and I’m down and out for the night…better luck tomorrow…hopefully…

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