Merry christmas! …and some poker
Thursday December 25th 2008, 3:12 am
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Merry christmas to all my regular readers, visitors, friends and their families.

Got a little bigger session in today as I only worked till noon, so I had some free time on my hands before christmas dinner and what not. In total I played 13 matches and won 8 of them. Interestingly enough the biggest contributor to those stats was PLO8. I rocked those matches and won 5 out of 6. Won 0 out of 1 in HORSE and 3 out of 6 in NL HE.

The sickest match of all was my final PLO8 match. I can honestly say that I’ve never ever seen anyone run that good – not even the biggest lucksack opponents. Who ran good? Me! I ran like the living bejeezus, I literally walked on water in that match. I had a straight flush twice – coincidentally twice the same one, too…I held 8d9d xx both times and the board ran 7d 10d x Jd x and Td Jd x 7d x… – had boat over boat and finally dem quads to finish the match (I was unable to extract that much value in the straight flush hands and the boat over boat one as my opponent was not really willing to stack off with an under-full…a rare thing these days)…anyway…feels good to have played a little more again and to look ahead to 4 days of free time until I have to get back to work on monday.

Long story short: it’s almost certain to say that you will find some more poker content the next few days…gl at the tables everyone and once again: Merry christmas/happy holidays!!!

Playing too long
Tuesday August 26th 2008, 2:57 am
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…especially if you’re in the middle of the worst session in ages: priceless. I’m still too irritated to even grasp what just happened to me and I won’t even dive into telling bad beat story after bad beat story as I don’t want to pay all my readers extra dollars adding insult to injury. All in all I stop playing at least four SnGs too late…still should have won some of those, but it was not to be…these days no pair no draw and being dominated is virtual gold…so I’m off to clean out my mouth as I puked in it just now…and I can guarantee you that I won’t be back for a few days…it’s reached the point again where I just can’t take it anymore…it’s one thing that the donks get insanely lucky in consecutive matches against me, but then starting to talk trash? Not my cup of tea…especially not if I’m in the middle of bad beat city where even a 90+% advantage is enough to win a decisive hand….I’m outta here…best of luck to the rest of you…and you’ll see me when I’m back (don’t know when that’ll be…but don’t expect me back this week)…

Giddy up
Thursday August 21st 2008, 1:33 am
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Just a quick session today as there was a lot of football going on tonight, first a friendly game played at our field (won 2-1), then a friendly game of our national team against belgium (won 2-0). I decided to get a little HORSEy tonight…and I was able to bust one, lose one. Then I jump into a DS to the sunday million and I get kicked in the junk. First this sucker rivers a flush with his KQs against my AKs…then he busts me with QQ. How did that hand go down? He raises preflop. I call with Kx. Why do I call there, because I know that if I hit the flop he will pay me off, easy as that. Flop comes down KJx. Not the joint, but hey. I check. He bets pot….I repop him all-in (he got me covered by a few chips). Instacall. What does he have? QQ. Nicely played sir, thank you for stacking off. Turn Q. Nevermind….I’m outta here…gl at the tables everyone….

A little better…
Wednesday August 13th 2008, 1:00 am
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…still not great though. Today I played a variety of games. Along with my bread and butter NL Hold’em, I played some HORSE as well…and a double shootout to the sunday million. I’m happy to report that I made that final table and busted out in the money…still sucks though as I lost most of my stack to a total donk on a flip (we both were short and he thought it was a good idea to call a third of his stack preflop with 86 s000ted)…I’m also happy to report that I totally busted my opponent in a HORSE headsup match….I’m not happy to report that I didn’t win a single flip today…that’s quite a few days in a row where I can’t win one (and yes I’m counting ;))…had exactly three flips today AhKh vs 88, lost that one, 44 vs 86s, lost that one, 55 vs A7…yeah…lost that one too. Oh well, at least I can log-off on a high winning my last HU match and the horse one…gl at the tables everyone….


Pretty rough session…
Friday May 16th 2008, 2:38 am
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That’s the summary of tonight’s session. It was really pretty rough all in all. Ran into some coolers, some good luck, some bad luck. Interestingly enough I turned into Waffles III tonight. I don’t know if you read it, but Waffles himself ran into Waffles II at the tables, so I gotta be Waffles III for berating the players a the table pointing out how atrocious they were playing…not my usual style, why even educate/make the fish angry…it’s no use…but oh well…

In the end I gotta slaughtered at the tables managing to score one third place in a nine handed SnG…and 0 wins in HU…so I switched gears to finish out the session, I played a HORSE SnG…a little higher than normal in high hopes to meet a player that can fold TPNK…*lol*…he could…still it was a brutal long ass match. It took me slightly over an hour to finish him off, amazing enough…after all I was down 7:6 in coolers…you know the kind where you hold a 75 in razz and he catches a 74…where you flop a boat and he turns a higher one, etc…fun times…in the end I closed the gap and pretty much sealed the deal with cooler nr. 6 for me…a W…a W…that was enough to log off…still stuck…both tonight and big time in the last few weeks…but no use in chasing tonight….

Enjoy the short random pic dump and I’m out…

random pic dump

random pic dump

random pic dump

Rollercoaster Rebuy

Tonight was a real rollercoaster in the rebuy donkfest and at the headsup tables, well not that much at the headsup tables, it was more or less crash and burn.

Rebuy: Start out with 1k…push in first five to six hands…up to 8k…a little while later…0…a little while later…10k….a little while later 3k….and then it’s crash and burn in seventh. Oh well…didn’t have any “premium cards”, dropped two hammers, biggest pair 55, lost 16k pot with KQ to QJ….lost the final hand with QJ vs KQ…fitting…random pic dump, this time no hand dumps, just a random pic dump…






Curious sidenotes:

  • Only 10 runners
  • Final table within the first 30 minutes
  • Some players just don’t get the rebuy donkarama blogger donkfest’s first hour, 5% flops seen, are you kidding me?

Headsup play: Only played two, the first one was HORSE and my opponent was really lucky early on in Hold’em. I survive with 600 chips. Come Omaha8 I’m grinding my way back. Come the first Razz hands and I’m ahead. Then he starts to chase like there is no tomorrow capping the pot being at least one card behind and/or board-locked…sure enough he runner-runners my ass to beat me. The second match was PLO8 and although I took down some nice pots I only won one of the three big pots…busto…nice to see that your opponent has got the nut-low every time you have the second nut-low and the best draw…sure enough he scoops…oh well…I’m out of here…

PokerStars WCOOP announced

PokerStars just announced this year’s World Championship of Online Poker…

Sep.14 (15:00) NL Hold’em [6-max] $215 $400,000
Sep.14 (16:30) PL 5-Card Draw $215 $100,000   ***
Sep.15 (15:00) PL Omaha [6-max] $215 $200,000
Sep.15 (16:30) 2-7 Triple Draw $215 $100,000
Sep.16 (16:30) NL Hold’em $530 $2,000,000
Sep.17 (15:00) PL Omaha w/Rebuys $320 $400,000
Sep.18 (15:00) Limit Hold’em $215 $100,000
Sep.19 (15:00) Limit Omaha H/L $530 $300,000
Sep.20 (15:00) NL Hold’em w/Rebuys $215 $1,000,000
Sep.21 (15:00) NL Hold’em Match Play $320 $500,000
Sep.21 (16:30) Razz $215 $100,000   ***
Sep.22 (15:00) HORSE $215 $200,000   ***
Sep.22 (16:30) PL Hold’em $530 $400,000
Sep.23 (16:30) NL Hold’em $1,050 $2,000,000
Sep.24 (15:00) 7 Card Stud $320 $100,000
Sep.25 (15:00) PL Omaha H/L $320 $200,000
Sep.26 (15:00) NL Hold’em [6-max] $320 $400,000   ***
Sep.27 (15:00) 7 Card Stud H/L $530 $200,000
Sep.28 (15:00) PL Omaha $530 $300,000
Sep.28 (16:30) NL Hold’em Triple Shootout $530 $200,000
Sep.29 (15:00) HORSE $5,200 $500,000
Sep.29 (16:30) Limit Hold’em $1,050 $200,000
Sep.30 (16:30) NL Hold’em Main Event $2,600 $5,000,000

*** I think I’m going to try to satellite into these ones…let’s see how it goes, still plenty of time to do it…and wouldn’t it be sweet to win a bracelet while sitting at home at the compi…beautiful…. 😉

Hammering away and getting hammered
Wednesday April 04th 2007, 3:38 am
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Well, well, I didn’t feel like posting yesterday, so a big roundup today. Yesterday I got kicked in the junk, the usual, only won 1 out of 4 HU matches. These days I’m wondering: can I really win against donks without getting lucky? Or is it just the other way around: Can I really only win against donks without getting unlucky?

Who knows. As I said in one of my earlier posts this week, or was it at the end of last week, I wanted to go back and have a look at some of the matches to analyze my play. I didn’t dig too deep as it was pretty apparent that apart from the occasional slow play gone bad, which is sometimes necessary to get any chips in the middle, it’s not really “my fault”. I just got unlucky over and over again.

So, today I went at it again and the results were disheartening at least after the first two matches. The first two matches worked in my favour like a charm. I put the money in with the best and it held up. I took a break to get some fresh air nontheless and when I came back, shit hit the fan. First match after the break…I bet and bet and bet and he catches his two outer on the river. By that time it’s an insta-call for me as there’s too much money in the pot (and there’s not much point in folding down to less 200 chips). So the first L it is, surprise surprise. In the next match, my opponent doesn’t catch his two-outer on the river…no…he catches it on the turn after all the money went in. Nicely played sir. So I’m suddenly 2-2 and cursing my bad luck again. In the next match, it get’s even better. True, I broke one of the oldest “laws” (don’t go broke in an unraised pot), but should I really fear a monster here? No action preflop, I complete from the button with 75o…he checks. Flop comes down 3-K-5, he checks, I check…turn 5…now he wakes up and bets out small…I reraise him….he reraises me…now I’m trying to figure out what he could have…Kings? not really…3s…that could be a possibility..but I don’t think so…Kx…likely…5x…hmm…not all that likely…that would be another lovely case card on the turn there then. I push…he insta-calls with? 35…river 6 misses me oooooh so close….oh well…cold deck mountain…2-3.

After that I feel sick. Going 2-0 in the first run and now I’m stuck at 2-3. I feel like the Mavs in the 06 finals. Ouch. Next match…next bs…I value-bet my arse off and he calls like a champ, catching quads to beat my flush…trips to beat my two pair…and finally a flush to beat my set….nicely done, god damn it. 2-4.

After that, I felt even sicker. I decided to play two more and took them both down. Wheeeeeeeee. 4-4. I’ll leave it at that. Enough HU for the day, sick hands, sick results, treading water…paying rake like a champ. So, I fire up a Triple Shootout and the first table is a madhouse. One player shows bluff after bluff, but I don’t get involved with my monsters (62o, 38o, etc etc). Then my time comes and I connect with the board hard…and I get payed off. I’m the chipleader. Wheee….not for long. One player makes an, hmm how can I put it, interesting preflop call with 96 s000ted…one of his suit on the all overcard board is good enough to call my big bet….another one of his suit on the turn is good enough to call off the rest of his stack…well…another one of his suit on the river is enough to get the chips. VERY WELL played sir. Hat tip to the dealer. After that I’ve still got chips but run my AJ into AQ and that’s that.

Sick as I am, I play a little HORSE tourney. I don’t live to see the first HORSE though as people are running me down like crazy. Razz nearly broke me when a chasing donk caught three perfect cards on 5th-7th street…calling like a champ once again. I rebuild my stack in Stud, just to go busto in Stud8…well…four flush + 7 low draw on 5th street no g00t. Nice one dealer. Thanks for giving me a break, wait, not really. lol

So…finally…some fun times in the WWdN. I managed to make the best out of the few cards I was dealt. Played both the hammer and the velvet hammer (s00ted hammer) to perfection. Won two nice sized pots when my opponents laid it down on the river on scary looking boards. It really pays off to play the hammer like Aces or AK s00ted, depending on the situation 😉

Apart from those two hands, only four other stand out in the first hour. Kings…preflop raise…take down the blinds. JJ vs TT…reraise preflop takes it down…and AJ s00ted vs AQ s00ted…loses as expected. I’m stuck with just over 1200 chips there…one tricky play, which could have gone wrong – no doubt, works out beautifully and I’m heading into the break with slightly under 1.9k. What happened? I find AcKc in the SB and opt to limp along with the other two limpers. BB checks and we see a flop of AsXcXc…checks all around…turn is 10s…check..check…Kat bets out (Ace rag?!)…fold…I call…BB folds…river is a Xs…hmm…not quite what I wanted to see…oh well…I check…with every intention to check call…but Kat checks behind with Ace rag and I take it down…
first break

first break

After the break…I’m trying to see some flops cheaply, but I just can’t catch anything…not only do I fold fold fold, there’s not much of a decision to make either as I look at rag rag time and time again. Finally…really short…I look down at AQ…the first real hand since the break…one caller…shows A6 s00ted…board double pairs and I chop the pot. Wheeeee….damn it. Two or three hands later I’m forced to push in the BB with 35o (not much point in folding, which would put me down to 300 chips with the SB 100 in the next hand)….opponent shows Ace rag which is good enough to take it down…I exit in 21st place.

exit in 21st

Oh well, nothing much I can do there, apart from sticking it in earlier…but tbh…even if I had done it, the result would have been the same (e.g. I hold A9 on the button, but a shorter player pushes…she’s been sitting there folding folding folding, so I’ve got a feeling that I’m dominated here and the caller infront of me doesn’t make me feel any better…I curse my decision once the board reads xx99…but I relax as the river brings the fourth heart to go with the shorties A10)…at least I had fun in the first hour with the hammer dropping and lively table chat…so I can’t fell bad about the WWdN. As for the day in total, just another day in low-limit junk-kick hell… 🙁

Same ole same ole and thanks to Al
Wednesday March 14th 2007, 3:58 am
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Well, same ole same ole on the poker front. Nothing, I repeat nothing, going my way. Logged on to Stars and stumbled upon the WWdN. I didn’t expect to see it happening so “early” (1:30am), I had missed that DST had kicked in so ET isn’t +6 atm but +5. So…the WWdN had already begun (1min), so I jumped right in. In retrospect I wish I had missed it all together.

Played almost no hands until it was time for some coin-flipping. Someone raises in MP, I reraise in LP…he pushes…I’m stuck here with JJ and I think I have the best hand, although it’s probably a coin-flip. I got the pusher covered by slightly under 500…and I decide to go with it. Sure enough he shows AK. Flop…contains…a King….wheeeeeee….what a surprise. Turn and river are blank and I’m sitting there with one third of my original stack. Was I forced to play that coin-flip? No. Did I believe I had the best hand? Yes. Did I have the best hand? Yes. Did I win the coin-flip? Hell no. I don’t keep that statistic, but it feels like I haven’t won a coin-flip in a SnG or MTT for ages. I don’t know what it is, but I just can’t win one these days and it doesn’t even matter if I got the overs or the pocket pair. One way or another I’ll lose the hand, whether it’s my opponent hitting the overcard, the runner runner flush/straight, or me not hitting my overs. It’s sad, really and if I wasn’t running so bad anyway, I probably wouldn’t even mention this hand, but as it is, it’s just another chapter in the “can’t I win a god damn hand”-book. So I’m basically crippled (or close to it) and I decide to go with the next semi-playable hand. I wait and wait…then I get Jacks again in the BB…and I get a walk…nice…at least I didn’t lose the coinflip (which would have evolved most certainly there if someone decided to play with me in that hand)…so I wait and wait again until I finally hold A5o on the button, which was basically a monster at that point. I pop it to 120 (blins 15/30). I got slightly under 300 left behind, so this is clear indication that I’m going to go with it. Nontheless the BB calls. Hmm…maybe I should have open-pushed here? I don’t know. Flop comes down 9c4s5c…he checks…I push…he insta-calls…he shows 10c7c…hmm…flush draw…alrighty…turn 6h…river 7d…that’ll do it. So…I’m out after slightly over 30 minutes of play and I’m frustrated…two hands…one coinflip lost and one lemur-donk-call preflop with the monster T7 s0000000000000000ted and I’m gone…the joy…
final result wwdn

So, I was about to log off, but then I remembered that Al wrote about a HORSE freeroll tonight and as it turns out (thanks to the DST) it’s about to start…wheee…limit…HORSE…nothing better than playing against a bunch of chasing donks who don’t have a clue how limit is supposed to play – if you got a good hand, isolate preflop, if someone is raising and you got a strong hand reraise ffs, get the lemurs out or at least make them pay dearly for their donk-calling. As you can imagine, no such joy though for the most part, so I was pretty tilted after the first round of HORSE and I lost it in the second Omaha round. I decided to donkey-raise every friggin street no matter what. Result: I sucked out a flush on the river against Bobby Bracelet and took down a nice pot. What does this tell us? You should realize that that’s one of the, if not the, reason why donkeys play the way they do, because getting lucky isn’t so far fetched, especially in games like Omaha…anyway…to make a long-story short I tried to play solidly again after that tilt-episode and it just wasn’t happening. I began to sing my “brick brick brick really makes me sick”-song after the next round of Razz where I clearly started out with the best hand numerous times and caught lovely bricks either on 4th, 5th and/or 6th or 5th, 6th and/or 7th street. Just lovely…I survived the second horse though and my run finally ended in the third Omaha round. Thanks again to Al for hosting, it was fun, at least some of the time…here’s a random pic dump from the first break and my final result…

riverchasers horse freeroll

riverchasers horse freeroll

riverchasers horse freeroll

Edit: I just had another look at some stats/graphs…so for all of those who don’t believe or doubt that I’m on a cold streak…just have a look at the following graph…wow…can you say free-fall-tower…(or maybe it’s just the yang to the yin (heater) I was on some weeks ago?!)Cooler...

My dog…errm server ate this post
Thursday September 21st 2006, 9:18 pm
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Just as I was about to submit a lovely post about DADI9 and how the poker dealers/gods crapped on my head again, the server foobared and the post was gone 🙁

As I’m too lazy to retype everything again, here’s a wrap-up:

DADI9 tonight! Be there or be squared! …Unfortunately I’ll be squared as my new real-life commitment (internship) has me on a new schedule, which is more related to my actual timezone, so poker tourneys at 3 in the morning (which is 9pm ET) are out of the picture for the time being 🙁

Have fun, nontheless and don’t let the donkey…errrm…horse kick you 😉



1. DADI9 moved to FullTilt, so don’t wonder that you can’t find it on PokerStars 😉

2. The password is pokertrust

I finished the original post with a rant about how the dealer/poker god crapped on my head again (set over set, set to straight, etc)…I hope to be reporting better news soonish, after all I can’t lose all those monsters in the long run 😉