Merry christmas! …and some poker
Thursday December 25th 2008, 3:12 am
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Merry christmas to all my regular readers, visitors, friends and their families.

Got a little bigger session in today as I only worked till noon, so I had some free time on my hands before christmas dinner and what not. In total I played 13 matches and won 8 of them. Interestingly enough the biggest contributor to those stats was PLO8. I rocked those matches and won 5 out of 6. Won 0 out of 1 in HORSE and 3 out of 6 in NL HE.

The sickest match of all was my final PLO8 match. I can honestly say that I’ve never ever seen anyone run that good – not even the biggest lucksack opponents. Who ran good? Me! I ran like the living bejeezus, I literally walked on water in that match. I had a straight flush twice – coincidentally twice the same one, too…I held 8d9d xx both times and the board ran 7d 10d x Jd x and Td Jd x 7d x… – had boat over boat and finally dem quads to finish the match (I was unable to extract that much value in the straight flush hands and the boat over boat one as my opponent was not really willing to stack off with an under-full…a rare thing these days)…anyway…feels good to have played a little more again and to look ahead to 4 days of free time until I have to get back to work on monday.

Long story short: it’s almost certain to say that you will find some more poker content the next few days…gl at the tables everyone and once again: Merry christmas/happy holidays!!!

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