Coolers and sickening hands going both ways
Tuesday June 24th 2008, 12:56 am
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That pretty much sums it up. It was pretty unreal what kind of hands came down tonight and I’m not talking about “some coolers”, it was like it was anarctica day – going both ways. It started on bodog where I donked around a little on the HU-SnG-killing-fields. I toasted a donk twice, he literally had no chance, I mean it was pretty sick how he payed me off even with his worst hands. It took quite a while to bust him though as he kept hitting two and three outers on my ass, but oh well, a W is a W and such a W is even sweeter because I didn’t let it get to me during play (not calling shoves etc, but continuing to play small-ball until I busted him). Then I jumped to Stars where I started with A HU SnG as well, busted the guy pretty quickly.

In the end I finished the session with a Double-Shootout to the Sunday Million on Stars…and it was an interesting match. I got coolered in the mid stages of the first table, then coolered the player right back in the next hand (QQ vs AA…Q on the flop…boom)…in the end I won the table.



Then came the second table and while the table was tighter than a virgin’s punani to begin with, it tightened up even more once we were on the money bubble (8 left, 7 payed). That’s when this hand came down. In retrospect I guess I could have folded after the big-stack cold-called my raise and the following shove by the shorty, then again, if they are both drawing to a flush or hold TPTK or something I’m golden and the only way I’m out of the money is if the shorty wins the hand and the big stack has my hand beat and on the upside, if I win the hand I’m the chipleader by a long-shot and can start to bully ppl around bringing me closer to the 215T$. So I went with it. Made my boat on the turn, but too bad that the big stack indeed held a set…making him a bigger boat…oh well…

Free hand converter brought to you by CardRunners

Seat 1: kent2ben ($1573)
Seat 3: bertbarndoor ($1692)
Seat 5: mistery31000 ($900)
Seat 6: dedor ($2495) –
Seat 7: zwerg12 ($2010) –
Seat 8: Ingoal ($1795) –
Seat 9: AnotherTran ($1210)
Seat 10: eltigre666 ($3325)


zwerg12 posts small blind $25
Ingoal posts BIG blind $50
Dealt To: Ingoal

RAISE AnotherTran ($100)
CALL eltigre666 ($100)
FOLD kent2ben
FOLD bertbarndoor
FOLD mistery31000
FOLD dedor
FOLD zwerg12
CALL Ingoal ($50)


Pot: $325

CHECK Ingoal
CHECK AnotherTran
BET eltigre666 ($300)
RAISE Ingoal ($600)
RAISE AnotherTran ($1110)
CALL eltigre666 ($810)
RAISE Ingoal ($1695)
CALL eltigre666 ($585)


Pot: $5425


Pot: $5425




eltigre666 collected $1170 from side pot 1eltigre666 collected $3655 from main pot

Total pot: $4825Main pot: $3655
Side pot: $1170
Rake: $0

Final Board:

Seat 1: kent2ben folded before Flop didnt bet – Net Gain/Loss: ($0)
Seat 3: bertbarndoor folded before Flop didnt bet – Net Gain/Loss: ($0)
Seat 5: mistery31000 folded before Flop didnt bet – Net Gain/Loss: ($0)
Seat 6: dedor button folded before Flop didnt bet – Net Gain/Loss: ($0)
Seat 7: zwerg12 small blind folded before Flop – Net Gain/Loss: ($-25)
Seat 8: Ingoal big blind showed [7d 4d] and lost with a full house, Fours full of Sevens – Net Gain/Loss: ($-1285)
Seat 9: AnotherTran showed [Ks As] and lost with two pair, Aces and Fours – Net Gain/Loss: ($-1160)
Seat 10: eltigre666 showed [5h 5s] and won 4825 with a full house, Fives full of Fours – Net Gain/Loss: ($3030)

Free hand converter brought to you by CardRunners

So I’m logging off up a little…and I’m happy with that…gl at the tables….

So and so session…
Wednesday June 11th 2008, 4:04 am
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It really was a quick session…wanted to play earlier and then longer, but a quick idea got into the way. First of all I bought a new digital camera today (nothing fancy), but I thought about starting a photoblog…which has been on my “list” for quite a while, so I set that up…which took a little longer than expected…turns out debug mode helps and the problem (image magick not accessible by webuser) was solved rather quickly. But…it kept me from playing earlier…so just a quick session. The awesome part of it was that I played strictly against fish and I’m not guessing here…sharkscope approved fish…lol…and they were playing just like their icon suggests…fishy…fishy…fishy…won 3 out of 5…should have been 4..but two outs are g00t…oh well…

While playing I started to rail the Bodonkey ToC…the thing that really sucks is that the railbirds can’t chat at bodonkey…pretty fugly if you ask me. I mean, it’s a general policy and while it has it’s upsides in general (no beggers, hustlers and annoy-o-bots), but in a private tourney? Come on…at least the players who played in the bodonkey should be able to chat – on another note: I didn’t expect bodog to change this tonight, after all it was like that the whole season…you played in the bodonkey at a table and couldn’t even chat with the other tables. FUGLY, I’m telling you. I gotta get a hold of smokkee and ask him if he can pass on some suggestions to Nadia or whoever at bodog…

I’m off to the laptop to rail a little more…ToC is really slow so far. Columbo is Gigli…first break coming up…17/18 players left…

Bodog ToC is tonight, watch out!
Tuesday June 10th 2008, 1:19 pm
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So, tonight is the Bodog ToC…the good news: 1 WSOP Main-event package up for grabs along with other T$ cash prices….the bad news: I won’t be playing as I failed to score the big points. That won’t keep me from railing though (at least if I’m still awake that early)…

Find all the details and smokkee’s odds here.

My odds would be:

  • NewinNov 4:1
  • $mokkee 4:1
  • MiamiDon 4:1
  • Drizztdj 5:1
  • GoldenHammer 5:1
  • Vin_nay 6:1
  • Columbo777 6:1
  • Emptyman 7:1
  • ICrushBloggers 7:1
  • Donkette 7:1
  • ScottMc 8:1
  • InstantTragedy 9:1
  • JD Schellnutt 9:1
  • Cbags 10:1
  • WhatsTheNuts 10:1
  • JL514 10:1
  • Yestbay1 10:1
  • BuddyDank 10:1

What are yours?

Another solid bodonkey finish…
Wednesday June 04th 2008, 5:45 am
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…still nowhere near the money, close to the points though. It all started out pretty nicely, I don’t have my stats here as I switch to the laptop during the first break, but I can tell you this much:

1. Lucky: I got a shit-load of “monster hands” during the first hour, not such much the pocket pairs, but the AK/AQ hands…I think I had AKs thrice, AKo twice, AQs twice, AQo thrice, Aces, Kings once Queens.
2. Lucky: I flopped quads in the second hand with 33 on a K33 flop…
3. Unlucky: not much action though with most of the hands, even lost the usual “flip” with AQ vs JT…

In the second hour the deck cooled off considerably and the play is mostly a blurr. Two hands stick out…the first one was the following gem of a hand – you fold for 3-4 orbits straight as you look down at rag after rag after rag and face races everytime you’re in the blinds. This time you look down at Kings though…I like! What I don’t like is the instacall of my opponent preflop. Sure enough Aces…flop brings him the set and I’m pretty much out the door right before the second break, but wait, there’s two more cards to come.


After that play is mostly a blurr again as I fold and fold and fold. The next interesting hand comes up once I repop a standard raise preflop with JJ…sure enough I get instacalled by the monster KTs. I flop a Jack and my opponent is drawing dead on the turn. Life! Break time.

After that I pretty much fold myself to death again. I got a lot of monster-stacks, including the host himself at my table and one of them is putting the pressure on fa-shizzle and I’m nowhere near claiming the bounty on Smokkee’s head. Once I folded two orbits again I think it’s time to make a move with 15BB. I open for a standard raise, which represents 1/3 of my stack. I get repopped all-in. Hmmm….what level of thinking should I apply here? Any suggestions welcome (my thought process was rather difficult)…I decided to go with it…to my dismay my opponent shows me the usual AKo and I’m dominated, but wait…Qxx flop…wow…now I’m a big favourite, only need to dodge 3 outs twice…turn x….river A….booooooom headshot. Still disappointed about that river, but let’s be objective: he put his money in good…best in best out…still sucks though, but what are you going to do, at least I got knocked out with the second best hand for once 😉


So, I bust out in 16th of 45…two hours of poker fun…no money…insane rhythm and no sleep…wheeee….I’ll be back for next season, if there is one.


So…before I head to bed…I would like to take the chance for two quick thank yous:

1. Thanks to Smokkee for hosting!
2. Thanks to Bodog for all the extra added T$, cool stuff there!

I’m out…night night….

The last bodonkey of the season…
Tuesday June 03rd 2008, 2:58 pm
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Well, well, it’s the last bodonkey of the season…so while some donks will try to get some more points to squeeze into the ToC, other donks will do everything they can (aka “folding to the points” and whatnot) to cling to there seats and the rest, playing in ToC-nirvana will have one thing on their mind: KILL SMOKKEE (not literally 🙄 ). Why? Because the fine folks of bodog put a T$270 bounty on his head. Wheeeee….that, along with the usual added T$ should be more than enough motivation to make tonight’s bodonkey the biggest one yet…

Read more about it here and here….cya tonight (if I don’t fall asleep), when it’ll be BOOOOOOOOOOOOOM Headshot Time 😆 !

The bodonkey makes me sick
Wednesday May 21st 2008, 5:48 am
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Every time I play, I play good poker. This time it was 2 1/2 hours. We’re down to 12 and the blinds are 400/800. I’ve folded for three orbits and I finally pick up a hand. AcKc. I raise it and get reraised to almost put me all-in. As I’ve commited 33% of my stack already I’m willing to flip if necessary. That being said, I hope I got my opponent dominated, but no…the usual he shows KK. So good so far, the usual “cooler”. I’m too tired to look it up now, but I got the impression that everytime I bomb out of the bodonkey it’s either me, monster vs opponent, monster+1 or me, monster vs opponent, bs and he get’s his x outer. So sick. I mean come on, I stay awake for a tourney that starts at 3:05am. I play my heart out and then I get felted on a hand like this. Damn it. Why don’t you just put that dagger in after 20 minutes?

Back to my final hand…of course the flop contains none of the usual 17 aces in the deck, but wait…the case king popped right up….but wait…there are two clubs…hmm….turn pairs the board and the only thing that the dealer does in favour of me: he doesn’t put the third club on board, which honestly would have set me on mega-tilt…

Hand Number 1237572569
Start Date 2008-05-21 05:35:56
End Date 2008-05-21 05:36:33
Pot Size $16.700,00
Rake $0,00
Game Type Hold’Em
Play Mode Real
Table Name Online Poker Blogger Tournament
Structure NL
Community Cards Kd 3c 5c 5d 8s
Name Seat
Position Cards
Dealt Start/End
Amount Total
Bet Win/Loss
raisydaisy22 1 $7.448,00/$7.073,00 $375,00 $-375,00
KJTech 2 $8.910,00/$8.235,00 $675,00 $-675,00
Ingoal 3 K A $7.750,00/$0,00 $7.750,00 $-7.750,00
Riggstad 5 K K $14.340,00/$23.290,00 $7.750,00 $8.950,00
RecessRampage2 8 $8.235,00/$8.160,00 $75,00 $-75,00
APOSEC72 9 $9.997,50/$9.922,50 $75,00 $-75,00

Anyway…I’m really bummed out right now…and tired…05:45am and I’m sick of it…really sick of it…I doubt I will be playing the bodonkey in the near future, it’s just not healthy for me anymore…what’s the point in staying up that late, just to be felted on a cooler every week…so fuck it…I’m outta here…

No joy in the bodonkery
Wednesday May 14th 2008, 4:26 am
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Quite a frustrating comeback to the bodonkey tonight. First I bounced from table to table until the final setup was done…then I pretty much squeezed my way around…then dodged the first cooler…QQ vs KK…at least I didn’t get it in preflop…so I only lost the bare minimum after a K dropped on the flop and I mucked the queens. The next ugly hand was when my velvet hammer (72o) was crushered on the river on a 25679 board…J8 took down the pot…he did have some outs though as it was s00ted and the board contained two hearts…add the open-ender….and boom headshot on the river.

My exit in 38th place came just after the break, after switching to playing on my laptop…not a good move I guess, lol. I look down at AK in the BB and see a MP raise and two calls of 350…I decide that it’s the perfect spot to squeeze. I get called in one spot – by the chipleader, the only player in the hand that has me covered – he shows QQ and I’m happy to report that my streak holds up…no coin-flip win in sight on bodog and I’m out…oh well…at least I can finally catch some sleep now…

Shoutout to Smokkee for hosting…cya next time…

Go shorty it’s your birthday…
Thursday April 17th 2008, 1:37 am
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…not much poker today either…just some quick HU action where I crushered my opposition. I’m off to catch some sleep now…after all it’s my birthday today…so I should be well rested for the afternoon/evening action (not poker action)…

Happy birthday me…30…I feel old 🙄

Just a quick session…
Tuesday April 15th 2008, 3:32 am
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Crushing some fool headsup quickly…grinding in a PLO8 headsup match for an hour…get sucked out on when the blinds are huge…then switch to bodog…get “crushed” in two headsup matches…my favourite was the exit in the second one…A9 s00ted vs A3o…I raise on the button…he calls…flop comes down A39…wheeee….money goes in…turn blank….river 3….the beeeeeyooooty…I’m outta here before I puke… 😕

Joy and no joy…
Wednesday March 05th 2008, 5:13 am
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…still fighting with the flu, so no extensive sessions or anything. I managed to sneak in two brogger tourneys though. Saturdays with Dr. Pauly (PLO) and the bodonkey tonight.

SwDP is mostly a blurr, but it’s really been fun. I made the final table. Finished ITM. Not bad. Tonight in the bondonkey I was on a good run too. Didn’t pick up many hands, some small pps early on. Still managed to run my stack up to 5k with some good calls. In the end, the usual crap happened. Just before the second break we’re down to 20. I sit on 4.6k in chips (plus minus a few). I look down a KK in the BB. The first big pair all night. Sure enough and LP player (cutoff or button, I can’t remember) pops it to 900 (150/300 blinds)…nothing much to do here. Either call and push if no ace hits or push right away. I opted for the latter option. Result: get instacalled by AKo, see one of the fifteen aces in the deck hit the flop and cya. I guess the first option would have been better in this spot, but honestly, that’s only looking at the way the board came down…no way I’m not pushing here…so, for the second time in as many tries I exited from the bodonkey with waaaay the best hand….really disappointing, especially given the crazy starting time….but oh well…I guess I’ll have to live with that…. 😥 ….still stings like a mother though 👿