The bodonkey makes me sick
Wednesday May 21st 2008, 5:48 am
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Every time I play, I play good poker. This time it was 2 1/2 hours. We’re down to 12 and the blinds are 400/800. I’ve folded for three orbits and I finally pick up a hand. AcKc. I raise it and get reraised to almost put me all-in. As I’ve commited 33% of my stack already I’m willing to flip if necessary. That being said, I hope I got my opponent dominated, but no…the usual he shows KK. So good so far, the usual “cooler”. I’m too tired to look it up now, but I got the impression that everytime I bomb out of the bodonkey it’s either me, monster vs opponent, monster+1 or me, monster vs opponent, bs and he get’s his x outer. So sick. I mean come on, I stay awake for a tourney that starts at 3:05am. I play my heart out and then I get felted on a hand like this. Damn it. Why don’t you just put that dagger in after 20 minutes?

Back to my final hand…of course the flop contains none of the usual 17 aces in the deck, but wait…the case king popped right up….but wait…there are two clubs…hmm….turn pairs the board and the only thing that the dealer does in favour of me: he doesn’t put the third club on board, which honestly would have set me on mega-tilt…

Hand Number 1237572569
Start Date 2008-05-21 05:35:56
End Date 2008-05-21 05:36:33
Pot Size $16.700,00
Rake $0,00
Game Type Hold’Em
Play Mode Real
Table Name Online Poker Blogger Tournament
Structure NL
Community Cards Kd 3c 5c 5d 8s
Name Seat
Position Cards
Dealt Start/End
Amount Total
Bet Win/Loss
raisydaisy22 1 $7.448,00/$7.073,00 $375,00 $-375,00
KJTech 2 $8.910,00/$8.235,00 $675,00 $-675,00
Ingoal 3 K A $7.750,00/$0,00 $7.750,00 $-7.750,00
Riggstad 5 K K $14.340,00/$23.290,00 $7.750,00 $8.950,00
RecessRampage2 8 $8.235,00/$8.160,00 $75,00 $-75,00
APOSEC72 9 $9.997,50/$9.922,50 $75,00 $-75,00

Anyway…I’m really bummed out right now…and tired…05:45am and I’m sick of it…really sick of it…I doubt I will be playing the bodonkey in the near future, it’s just not healthy for me anymore…what’s the point in staying up that late, just to be felted on a cooler every week…so fuck it…I’m outta here…

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