Thursday December 31st 2009, 3:22 am
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I guess it was inevitable…no point in making excuses…if you’re on a mini-bankroll and you’re getting raked like there’s no tomorrow, you will have to show a good performance and also desperately try to avoid getting unlucky…both didn’t happen and so tonight it finally happened. After posting two winning sessions in $1/$2 and $2/$4 TD, I finally went busto when I lost my final 50BB at $1/$2 TD.

The story of that session is easily explained: have #2, lose to #1…have 86432 lose to 85432…have 87432 lose to 86432…and it went on an on…especially nice when your opponents are playing incorrect strategy over and over again and get lucky…and by lucky I mean: it’s not normal that you draw 2 perfect cards in the third draw…hence it might have been a good idea to fold after the first draw…or the second draw…the blessing and curse of limit games…if they didn’t get lucky on me on 4 different occasions I would have applauded their play…but hey, that’s not the way it went down…

So…what a shitty end of 2009….not the way I envisioned it, that’s for sure.
What else is left to say….like I already said in the last post…after 4 years of grinding it out, I was starting to get really sick and tired of the way things were going…how can you stay sane if you dominate games and still can’t overcome the rake and bad luck? How many donkkicks can you endure before you snap? Many many many ones…but is it worth it? Up to this point, I def thought so…but I’m not so sure anymore and while I’m bummed out atm, I feel a sense of calm too…

With that rant I present you the final screenshot of 2009…and maybe the last one for a while…we’ll see about that…until then, I wish you nerves like steel ropes, better luck than me and a nice 2010 both poker- and life-wise.

Peace out.


final donk kick of 2009

NL kicking my ass…

…it’s hard to show a profit when you:

1. Can’t win a flip
2. Can’t win an uneven flip either (no matter if you’re 60/40 or 40/60)
…especially if you’re playing turbo SnGs where you’re force to play soon enough…

That being said, I’m done for the year with NL Hold’em…fed up, done and almost busto. Time to regroup. To do that I decided – if I play at all – I’ll play some limit games that most ppl aren’t all that experienced in…so with that in mind I hit the 2-7 Triple Draw cash tables (.5/1) and crushed it, almost recouping my NL Hold’em losses for the day…let’s see how this plan works out…for now I’m outta here…

…as I’m not sure if I get around to posting again until the new year, I’m taking the chance to wish all of my loyal readers, fellow degenerates and poker broggers a very happy new year! May all your poker (and other) plans work out…cya on the other side…I’m all-out!

random pic dump

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2-7 is torture
Thursday June 11th 2009, 9:52 pm
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After playing a few tourneys 2-7 NL Single Draw recently, I can appreciate the feat that Phil Ivey did by winning the 2-7 bracelet even more. Unbelievable that you can actually win such a tourney…where swings can be massive and the next cooler is just around the corner….that being said, I crippled myself once again after 1.5h+ putting it in with a pat 98…my opponent drawing one…of course he draws perfect to a 97….fucking a++…busted myself the next hand. Apart from that tourney I’ve played a little NL Hold’em and some PLO8…but no joy there either…just one of those days…I’m off…

of course

Fucked again…
Wednesday May 27th 2009, 11:39 pm
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…what can I say, poker is a cruel bitch and pokerstars can lick my balls. The setup is perfect, I’m playing some damn good poker for over 2 hours in a 2-7 single draw NL MTT. I’m the massive chipleader with 50k+ chips and we’re down to nine players. Up and down for roughly an hour and I’m out in ninth place. What happened? Losing two monsterpots starting with a pat 86 each time and losing both (one to a pat 85, and one against an opponent drawing 1 to a 75 aka the nuts)…well done pokerstars. Obviously the money doesn’t matter to me at all in this tourney (first place 40.43$), I wanted to win so bad…but no…looking back at it I still can’t explain it. Two shorties should have been out a long time ago and I would have entered the final table with 1/3 of the chips. Instead I double up one shortstack and then go ahead and lose the two coolers described above. Fucking a++…

I’m outta here…and as I’ll take a little vacation to cologne with my footie team on friday, I won’t be back until monday anyway…and probably I won’t even play poker until next friday, when the next live home game will take place…maybe I can catch a break there…we’ll see…anyway…enough ranting…I’m tired…and outta here…

fucking pokerstars

The ultimate tilter…
Tuesday January 16th 2007, 2:29 am
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…yeah, that’s right, I found my ultimate tilter. While some games are really bad at getting me on tilt, like for example one of my favourite games back a while – Omaha 8b, I found the ultimate tilter tonight…and it’s Fixed Limit 2-7 Triple Draw. My oh my! I played a little SnG and looked forward to bust some donkey balls and the donks sure as hell cooperate beautifully, the bad part: the cards didn’t. Start out with the best (stick to two card draws, never going without a deuce, etc). The followed the old Matusow song “Poker, oh Poker, it’s all skill…start with the worst and go uphill”. After the first few hands I honestly asked myself (and the other players in the table chat) if I was stuck in the middle of the “hidden camera show”. Unbelievable. Brick-city, yeah, I like pairs, next draw, yeah I like pairs, next draw yeah I still like pairs. The worst hand was were I’m starting out with 10-7-5-3-2. So I got the 8, 6 and 4-ball all working for me…first draw, I get a 10…next draw…I get a 10…last draw…I get the case 10 and I’m about to puke on my keyboard as my opponent wins with a 9-6…unreal. After that I went on a stone-cold tilt…

…at least the last 0.000001% of sanity kept me away from the cash tables. Instead I stumbled into a 1$ NL HE tourney…what better way to blow some steam than in such a donk tourney. Honestly, I tried to put some bad-beats on donks on purpose…and even that didn’t work out…i.e. Q5o limpi-limpi preflop…LP min-raises…hmm…donk…is that AA…hmmm….like 99% sure…call…flop comes a beautiful QQ9…I bet the pot he insta-pushes…I insta-call and he shows AA…I laugh and I’m getting ready to blow of a trash-talk-bomb in the chat when the Ace hits the turn…damn!

So, that didn’t help either, so instead of walking away I sat in a 180…and boy oh boy, play can’t get any worse than this…as does the attitude of some of those fuckers playing at my table. Someone calling down with K5 s000ted on an Ace-high board after I four-bet it preflop and you say “nh”, “nice call” etc? Wth are you doing at my table moron? But anyway, I didn’t really honor poker-etiquette and just told’em off “a little”…that helped…no more donkin for the day…I’m out of here, before I go bezerk 😉

Awww…almost forgot to talk about something else, because of all that steamin…watched the first two weeks of Poker After Dark and boy oh boy, I love it! It’s good to see that live poker is rigged sometimes too – the beauty of the one-outer and suckout…really nice. My favourite hand so far: Mike vs Daniel K7 vs K9…7 on the flop…turn K…Daniel pushes…Mike calls in a heart-beat…Daniel is all but dead…the 7-8-10-K leaves Daniel with sixes, eights, nines, tens, jacks…sure enough the 6 rolls off and the Mouth is out…brutal…

Looking forward to High Stakes Poker Season 3, which kicks off tonight., too..