Saturday August 15th 2009, 2:45 am
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So, I played a little tonight…some PLO8, some NL Hold’em…then I got coolered in both…so I fell back to the main-torture, Razz. Played an MTT, nearly four hours later I bow out in third place after getting short on a cooler…what can you do. A third is not a second and not a W…but oh well…I’ll take it…home game tomorrow…so I’ll better catch some sleep and chill out a little…

of course


Happy new year…first session of the new year
Monday January 05th 2009, 12:17 am
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Well, well, 2009. Happy new year to all my loyal readers, fellow poker bloggers, regular visitors and new visitors!

Today I was able to squeeze in the first session of the new year, a rather short one due to some technical difficulties on pokerstars. I don’t know what was the root cause for this, but I played some headsup matches. Then logged off. Came back later on and played some razz ring games and then wanted to jump back into the HU SnGs, but there were no new ones spawned and I couldn’t sit down at any tables either. I guess it’s time for PokerStars to invest some of the multi-billion-dollars they’re earning to get some additional servers as 250k+ concurrent players is the norm these days (at least around the time of the “big tourneys”). But back to play, rather uneventfull. I played my regular game, although I’m slowly trying to incorporate some of the concepts I read in Moshman’s Headsup No Limit Hold’em book (I’m about half way through it and enjoy it so far, I guess it’s save to say that all regular Headsup players can take away a few things from this book).

I lost track about how many SnGs I did play, a rare occurance as I usually take excessive notes of every session, but I’m lazy today and I’ll reconstruct the number played via the FPPs later on (too lazy now). The stats are good though, so it’s not a case of lazy stats due to losing 😉 I won all matches but one. The funniest two matches were the last two. The second to last was against a supernova player. Yeah, you read that right. A supernova player playing 11$ HU matches…I asked him if he was busto (like the other supernova I played a little while back), but he didn’t chat at all. Too bad. I busted him after I resucked in a big pot. He got lucky on the turn, me on the river. The last match was funny. The guy sits down at the table and starts the conversation with the good ole donk “all-in first hand?”…I reply “donk?”…he comes back with “just asking?”…I come back with “just sayin!” lol…end of conversation. True to his word he pushes in in the first four hands. I hold gin in the fourth one and he’s down to 60. lol. He doubles up. Doubles up. I chop him down again. He doubles up. Doubles up. I chop him down again. Then he finally makes another big mistake. How can you call a raise to 200 with a stack of 450 and fold to my push on the flop? lol. I bust him a few hands later with JT vs J8.

Enjoy the three pics…two featuring the supernova (unbusted and busted) and the conversation with mr. all-in first hand, so the pics are 100% whining-free, bad-beat-free and easily enjoyable. One of the things I’m looking forward doing this year: posting more happy screenshots than sad ones…let’s see if PokerStars cooperates 😉

Good luck at the tables…

Supernova at the 11$ tables

Supernova at the 11$ tables

Funny conversation

Playing too long
Tuesday August 26th 2008, 2:57 am
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…especially if you’re in the middle of the worst session in ages: priceless. I’m still too irritated to even grasp what just happened to me and I won’t even dive into telling bad beat story after bad beat story as I don’t want to pay all my readers extra dollars adding insult to injury. All in all I stop playing at least four SnGs too late…still should have won some of those, but it was not to be…these days no pair no draw and being dominated is virtual gold…so I’m off to clean out my mouth as I puked in it just now…and I can guarantee you that I won’t be back for a few days…it’s reached the point again where I just can’t take it anymore…it’s one thing that the donks get insanely lucky in consecutive matches against me, but then starting to talk trash? Not my cup of tea…especially not if I’m in the middle of bad beat city where even a 90+% advantage is enough to win a decisive hand….I’m outta here…best of luck to the rest of you…and you’ll see me when I’m back (don’t know when that’ll be…but don’t expect me back this week)…

KORS – want to take part in the ultimate tilter?
Thursday June 19th 2008, 3:45 pm
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If so, and I’m talking about playing RAZZ with poker bloggers here, make sure you check out Brickin the nutz (just click on the pic below) to find all the details about the new 200+16$ KORS…


Good, good, good…
Friday May 09th 2008, 12:30 am
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That’s the way my results were today…played five SnGs…won four of them…the final one took the longest…it was razz…it was against a player who actually knew how to play razz – which is a rather seldom thing. All in all…a very good feeling to book a solid winning session.

That said, I’m outta here to catch some sleep…tomorrow will be here in no time and I got to get ready for my short trip….wheeee….I leave tomorrow afternoon for a trip to northern germany with my football team, which should be a lot of fun…and drinking…so no play for the next few days…I’ll be back on sunday/monday…gl everyone…

Bad luck, bad decisions..
Friday April 04th 2008, 7:21 pm
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Today was really a session to forget…so I’m trying to do that and I’ll log off after this post. First of, I’d like to say that it wasn’t bad luck all the time today, but it was kind of weird. First I start with some Razz ($1/$2). I get kicked in the junk in 3 major pots. What’s even more interesting is that I was the bring-in in 1/4th of the hands at a full 8 handed table. Maybe that should have told me something to begin with. The bad part is that I tilted off some money in the end though (around 20$). This was totally unnecessary as the ppl had seen me lose big hand after big hand, I was raising like a madman…but don’t get me wrong, I wasn’t playing weak starting hands…yes I losened my starting hand requirements from three to a seven to three to an eight…but is that really enough to chase me down with a rough ten? I guess not…but oh well…I should have known better, but I didn’t…so I’ll have to live with that.

After that Razz disaster I fired up some 6max SnGs and it wasn’t pretty. Got coolered on the bubble with Kings again…monster QT was enough to bust me…QTxTQ board…rofl…so sick. Then I bubbled again when I pushed QJ into QK on a Qxx board…then an unspectacular fourthed and finally a sixth place finish…and I’m off…down and out for tonight….

I don’t know if I’ll play online tomorrow since the home game is set for 8pm…let’s see if my unlucky streak continues there too…I’ll try to go in relaxed and take my chances…

SwDP and some razz
Saturday March 22nd 2008, 11:41 pm
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Not much poker today…just a little razz cashgame action…up one buyin in the first session, exactly even for the second one. Finished 16th in the four-card-bingo session by the name of Saturdays with Dr.Pauly…not a bad day…


Clouded judgement or cold deck mountain?

It’s been a while since I last posted and tbh, I didn’t play that much recently…over the last few days I tried to play a little though and it was horrible. “Bad beat” after bad beat, cooler after cooler…and I’m not making this shit up either…

Summary of a few of those lovely hands:

headsup NL HE: KK vs A7…A, next hand KK vs AA…nada; QQ vs 77….7, JJ vs 66…6; AK vs A5…A5xxx, etc etc

PL O8b: AAK2 vs A2xx…flush for him after going all-in preflop (deep stack); A2KK vs A2xx…no low he rivers a flush; etc etc

Razz: three to the wheel vs 8 low draw…capped all the way…I lose; rinse repeat; rinse repeat…

Coinflip and related bs statistics: update, pokerstars featuring a new eighteen aces deck…but not when I’m holding an ace…they’re switching it for the 0 Aces and 0 Kicker deck in that case…JJ vs Ax…A; QQ vs AK…A; JJ vs AQ…A; 66 vs A9…A; 77 vs A8…A; AK vs 77…nada, AQ vs A7…7….AK vs AJ…QTK; etc etc

60/40 bs: AJ vs KQ..K; AT vs QJ…Q; K9 vs QT…T; K8 vs Q7…7; etc etc

Other bs: AA vs KK…K; KK vs AA…nada; KK vs QQ…Q; JJ vs QQ…nada…; AA vs J9…he flops a straight; QQ vs K6…he rivers a 7 high straight; etc etc

I’m so fucking steamed up now…I guess I won’t be playing another hand this year…ridonkulous shit going on there, this isn’t about variance, this is about bs…and I won’t take it and throw away my money anymore…this is the biggest downswing I’ve ever seen and there’s shit I could have done about it (except logging off after the first cooler of a session…but what good is that?)…so fuck you PokerStars! Thanks for crapping on my christmas present. Once again: FUCK YOU! You won’t be seeing me online for the next few weeks…thanks again…for nothing.
On a brighter note: Happy holidays…and if I really stick to my promise: A happy new year! Cya on the other side…and better luck at the tables!

PokerStars reload bonus == kill switch on
Sunday September 16th 2007, 7:23 pm
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In all honesty, I have never ever seen a session like the one today. NEVER. This is ridiculous. How can I have ppl all in drawing to one-six outs thrice and lose all of those pots? How can I have twenty outs+ twice and still lose to a two-outer, twice (Top two pair + good low draw + straight and flush draw; just to see my opponent hitting a two outer J/7 to make trips over my two pair with no low). Are you fucking kidding me? God damn it. I’ve never been so tilted…so I guess I better logout now before I break my laptop and uninstall PokerStars…so sick…

god damn it

Take the pic above…the dude is running “super hot” (courtesy of sharkscope) and I felt it. First I get him down to 450 as he’s chasing longshots all the time. Then I double him up on a cooler (Q-high flush vs K-high flush), then we get it in again as I draw to twenty outs…I miss twice…surprise…he’s slightly ahead…this time we get it in on the turn…he’s drawing to one deuce, three treys and two fours…so the whole six outs again (or add one six, four sevens and eights and four aces for half the pot) and yes he hit the good old one-outer quads…why can’t a god damn 9-K come up there and I scoop…so sick…I’m out before I break something…

Edit: Chasing losses is fun…ran into one of the most annoying ppl on PokerStars ever. He sits down at my HU razz table and he clearly plays in over his head. He plays the whooping amount of 3 SnGs and is taking the full time on EVERY decision. I get slightly annoyed and tell him to stop wasting ppl’s time, if he can’t handle three tables he should stick to two or one…what a moron. But guess what, he coolers me in two consecutive big pots (he’s behind till sixth street, catches the miracle on seventh, surprise surprise). After that one I almost exploded, took a little stroll and went back to the table and knocked down some donks. 2/2 in PLO8 and 3/4 in NL HE. At least I got some of the money back…but still down for the night….oh well…I’ll take it…insane how unlucky you can get in the short run…but oh well…back soon, hopefully with a better run…

Oh brother
Tuesday August 14th 2007, 3:30 am
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Today was the single most sick SnG session in a loooong time. Didn’t win a single match, not one. Bubble at a six-handed one to start of the session with this peach of a hand…

oooh whee

My reasoning for my call of the SB’s push: he was pushing a lot once we were down to three handed with all sorts of hands, so, even if I was behind (which I didn’t believe, but I was), I could still catch the diamond to win it. Once the chipleader button insta-called I knew I was toast…diamond on the turn just to rub it in.

What a wonderful start to the session, I guess I should have quit right there, but guess what, I didn’t…and so the carnage began. I was slaughtered in every game imaginable. NL Hold’em 0/2. PLO8…three outered for the deciding pot…Razz…up to 2600/400…he catches the 6 outer to double up and shit hits the fan a few hands later…guess what…calling down double-paired works these days as he only had to catch a 6/7/8 (me showing an 7 and an 8 )…so he had all the 7 outs…boom headshot…and I’m in dire straits and busto soon enough.

Oh well, let’s play another Hold’em HU SnG to close out the session, no matter if I’m winning or not, I’m quitting after that. And lose I did, made a bad call in the middle and once the blinds got big I was really short. No surprise that my opponent spikes his bs straight on the river to end my misery…gg me.
oooh whee

I can honestly say that I made something like 3 bad decisions all night…mostly losing the minimum (putting opponents on wrong hands)…but those ones weren’t the crucial hands…it was the auto-payoff hands (counterfeited two pair on the river, gutterball on the river) and some nice coooooooooool coolers…oh well…I guess I really should take another break as I’m getting crushed these days.

Sidenote: I admit that I’ve been up against some good players recently and I lost some matches fair and square, but in the grand picture of recent results, that’s not the deciding factor. It’s the bs hands that keep hitting me in the junk like a wrecking-ball. Every small edge (51-69%) seems like a 4:1 underdog these days…and don’t even get me started about some of the more ugly hands (4:1 favourite, boom headshot) and the card-deadness. My best hand in over a week was ONE pair of Kings which I had to muck once my rocky opponent came over the top of a A-high flop. Apart from that I’ve had plenty on 22-66…hitting exactly 0 sets. So sick…end rant.