Oh brother
Tuesday August 14th 2007, 3:30 am
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Today was the single most sick SnG session in a loooong time. Didn’t win a single match, not one. Bubble at a six-handed one to start of the session with this peach of a hand…

oooh whee

My reasoning for my call of the SB’s push: he was pushing a lot once we were down to three handed with all sorts of hands, so, even if I was behind (which I didn’t believe, but I was), I could still catch the diamond to win it. Once the chipleader button insta-called I knew I was toast…diamond on the turn just to rub it in.

What a wonderful start to the session, I guess I should have quit right there, but guess what, I didn’t…and so the carnage began. I was slaughtered in every game imaginable. NL Hold’em 0/2. PLO8…three outered for the deciding pot…Razz…up to 2600/400…he catches the 6 outer to double up and shit hits the fan a few hands later…guess what…calling down double-paired works these days as he only had to catch a 6/7/8 (me showing an 7 and an 8 )…so he had all the 7 outs…boom headshot…and I’m in dire straits and busto soon enough.

Oh well, let’s play another Hold’em HU SnG to close out the session, no matter if I’m winning or not, I’m quitting after that. And lose I did, made a bad call in the middle and once the blinds got big I was really short. No surprise that my opponent spikes his bs straight on the river to end my misery…gg me.
oooh whee

I can honestly say that I made something like 3 bad decisions all night…mostly losing the minimum (putting opponents on wrong hands)…but those ones weren’t the crucial hands…it was the auto-payoff hands (counterfeited two pair on the river, gutterball on the river) and some nice coooooooooool coolers…oh well…I guess I really should take another break as I’m getting crushed these days.

Sidenote: I admit that I’ve been up against some good players recently and I lost some matches fair and square, but in the grand picture of recent results, that’s not the deciding factor. It’s the bs hands that keep hitting me in the junk like a wrecking-ball. Every small edge (51-69%) seems like a 4:1 underdog these days…and don’t even get me started about some of the more ugly hands (4:1 favourite, boom headshot) and the card-deadness. My best hand in over a week was ONE pair of Kings which I had to muck once my rocky opponent came over the top of a A-high flop. Apart from that I’ve had plenty on 22-66…hitting exactly 0 sets. So sick…end rant.

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