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Sunday August 23rd 2009, 7:50 pm
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Well, I played a little yesterday and today. Not much of a run. Started off really bad losing yesterday, so I quit after two headsup matches. Today I didn’t start any better, starting to drop game after game, really sick really. Then I won a few…and after I won the last one with the hammer, see below, I decided to quit. I’m outta here, gonna watch a movie or something…

hitting the one outer

of course


BBQ home game wrapup
Sunday August 23rd 2009, 1:59 pm
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Totally forgot to write about the last home game. We met up early to fire up the bbq and yummy did we feast on some good stuff. After that we set up the table and all and off we were, really shorthanded this time, due to vacations and what not only 5 players showed up. So we decided to do a rebuy tourney with a 80/20 split for the headsup players. The rebuy period was rather wild, but as it came to a close, action tightened up a little…although action was heating up soon enough again.

The host was on fire. Soon enough he started to fire away and call big bets preflop with basically any two. First he cracked aces…it was really well played on his part though…a player in LP fire it up and he smooth-called in the BB…now…it was a rather big bet, but with all the rebuys the stacks were deep…so a call was really a good play in this spot. The flop came on 55x and the host checked to the original raiser. Sure enough he bet big…the host thought for a while, not really all that long, before announcing all-in…he was greeted with an insta-call by the original raiser who revealed AA…hehe…the smile on his face disappeared quickly as the host turn over 5x for the flop trips. They held up and the original raiser was busto. As I had already busted out earlier, they were down to three-handed. Soon enough the host pushed in again after a reraise preflop. He got insta-called again. Host shows TdTs, pusher shows KhKc. Ooops. Flop three small spades. Uh oh. Turn another spade….pusher drawing dead and busto. Sure enough the dealer peels of the Ks just to rub it in. Headsup was done in one hand afterwards. Ax vs Kx for the host…Kx won…and it was done.

Hehe, after that most of the players needed to cool off a little. After a little cool off we decided to play another small game with half the buyin, and as one player bailed out, we decided to make it winner takes it all…after all there’s not much point playing in a 80/20 or similar split if you’re only four handed. Most hands escape me, but I busted two players and we headed into headsup me being ahead 2:1. The big hand that clinched it for me didn’t take long to develop. After maybe 10 hands of headsup the following hand went down. I’m on the button and look down at 24. My opponent in the bb decides to raise big, something along the line of 5-6BB. Side note: he’s the player that got his aces cracked in the prior game. So I’m thinking: hmm, this is suspicious, can he have aces again? I guess so…oh well, I’m in position…let’s see a flop. I call and the dealer spreads 245 on the table. My opponents bets out big again, almost commiting himself anyway and even if not, I’m confident he does indeed have the aces. I insta-call and sure enough he proudly rolls over AA again. I reveal the good ole 2-4o and he’s pissed. Turn and river blank out and I’m the champ pocketing the whole pot. Wheeeee…

So that’s the wrap-up of our latest installment of the home game, looking forward to the next one…let’s see when that will happen…I guess after holiday season is over…we’ll see…

Saturday August 15th 2009, 2:45 am
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So, I played a little tonight…some PLO8, some NL Hold’em…then I got coolered in both…so I fell back to the main-torture, Razz. Played an MTT, nearly four hours later I bow out in third place after getting short on a cooler…what can you do. A third is not a second and not a W…but oh well…I’ll take it…home game tomorrow…so I’ll better catch some sleep and chill out a little…

of course


No, I’m not dead…
Monday August 10th 2009, 9:28 pm
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…I just took some time off, a two week vacation to egpyt…followed by some other offline relaxing. Now I’m back, I’ve played a little again over the last few days, nothing major. Didn’t feel like it and it showed, broke even mostly…lost a little, then won a little…nothing major…

…and the deck didn’t help my cause either, e.g. the following hand in the 30k on Stars…I swear I felt it coming on the flop…and of course…bingo, bango, bongo…oh well…hell of a way to go out and all…I’m outta here…see you soon

losing to a royal flush again