Sunday July 29th 2007, 4:10 am
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Well, well…today was the official donkmaha errm Omaha day. Played some headsup matches in PLO both on Stars and Tilt and despite hitting some quads and what not (not getting payed off because the deck is crippled), my opponents managed to felt me each and every time. 4 matches, 4 big Ls. Beautiful. Money goes in on the flop or turn every time and they’re in “very good” shape every single time: 2outs, 4outs, 6outs, 4outs….against my made hands (two pair or better, usually with at least 6 redraw outs)…but oh well…I guess they were praying in front of the donk mahal or something…

Jx is the new nuts…
Saturday July 28th 2007, 4:14 am
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Really had a good time in tonight’s rebuy donkfest…our table was crazy…all-in all-in all-in…pretty uneventful early on…won the first hand with the worst hand…up to 6k or something….soon enough down to 0…rebuy…0…rebuy…0….rebuy….0…you get the idea. Finally chipped up again…then lost a huge pot….QQ vs 99 vs 88…river 8 gives MiamiDon a set and the other guy a straight….heeehaaaw….so instead of 25k I sit with 5k…

After the break, addon. After that pretty uneventful again, sometimes makes you wonder how many times you can get K5o facing a raise and or reraise….quick answer: a lot. Doubled up one final time with KK vs 33….after that mostly card dead again…then finally pushed the tourist into QQ…turned straight over straight…cya in 12th just before the second break….I guess I could have waited a while longer to make my move, but I just felt like doing it right there…oh well…at least I got to have fun with BuddyDank, Waffles and many others once again…fun times….

Random pic dump:













Baby steps
Thursday July 26th 2007, 3:23 am
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The decision to take a few days off was really good. Tonight I came back to the game and there was no tension or anything at all. I just sat down and played. If I win I win, if I lose I lose. Maybe changing up a little added to that feeling of calmness, too. I didn’t play the “high pressure” formats (six-handed and headsup), I played a 45ppl SnG instead, something that I hadn’t done in a loooong time. It worked out pretty well, too. Never lost my patience, which is pretty hard playing against such a load of loose donks in a turbo format, but I did it. I made the final table and when we were down to four (7ppl ITM), I was the shortest stack. I’m in the BB which is 1.2k at the time and I’ve got 5.8k behind. UTG folds…button raises to 4.8k. SB folds…action is on me…I’ve got a 49o…

Thought process: He’s on the button and could have ATC, I’ve probably got two live cards, I’ve got roughly 7k in total, that’s not even 6BB…I insta-call…he shows 53 s00ted….lol…turns out I even put my money in ahead…lol…he flops the world…but that didn’t matter…I played a good game and finally won some money again…no W…but a mental W…


Live, online, doesn’t matter
Sunday July 22nd 2007, 4:19 pm
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These days, I can’t catch a break, whether it’s live or online. Played a little live crapshoot (8 minute levels) yesterday. My best hand was 66…won a multi-limped pot preflop. Then it was fold fold fold again until I pick up jackAce…I push from LP with 12BB…BB calls with AQo…flop QTx…turn gives me the nut-flush draw to go along with the gutterball…river blank and I’m gigli. So fugly.

Today, I decide to play a little online again and the same shit as usual goes down…runner runner two pair counterfeit and I’m busto in the first match (money went in on the turn…my opponent drawing mighty slim with his monster 8J for top pair jack kicker, river pairs the board). In the next one my opponent loves his connectors (45) which outflop me beautifully…and busto. I’m so sick of this…as I can’t catch a break, I’m going to take one…

Rollercoaster Rebuy

Tonight was a real rollercoaster in the rebuy donkfest and at the headsup tables, well not that much at the headsup tables, it was more or less crash and burn.

Rebuy: Start out with 1k…push in first five to six hands…up to 8k…a little while later…0…a little while later…10k….a little while later 3k….and then it’s crash and burn in seventh. Oh well…didn’t have any “premium cards”, dropped two hammers, biggest pair 55, lost 16k pot with KQ to QJ….lost the final hand with QJ vs KQ…fitting…random pic dump, this time no hand dumps, just a random pic dump…






Curious sidenotes:

  • Only 10 runners
  • Final table within the first 30 minutes
  • Some players just don’t get the rebuy donkarama blogger donkfest’s first hour, 5% flops seen, are you kidding me?

Headsup play: Only played two, the first one was HORSE and my opponent was really lucky early on in Hold’em. I survive with 600 chips. Come Omaha8 I’m grinding my way back. Come the first Razz hands and I’m ahead. Then he starts to chase like there is no tomorrow capping the pot being at least one card behind and/or board-locked…sure enough he runner-runners my ass to beat me. The second match was PLO8 and although I took down some nice pots I only won one of the three big pots…busto…nice to see that your opponent has got the nut-low every time you have the second nut-low and the best draw…sure enough he scoops…oh well…I’m out of here…

Word of the week
Friday July 20th 2007, 2:10 am
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Presented by (pot)limit games united, the word of the week:

Ridonkulous – to start out with a clearly inferior starting hand, preferrably board-locked when playing any form of stud, and hitting perfect cards to pull out an unlikely win.

That’s what happened for the most part today, people so eager to chase as if there was no tomorrow. Oh well…didn’t bug me too much though as I knew I would eventually catch them…and that’s exactly what happened in 3 out of five matches. Too bad donks, luck can only get you soooo far.

Headsup stats of the day:

NL: 0/1

PLO8: 1/2

PLO: 1/1

Razz 1/1

Back to the roots
Thursday July 19th 2007, 3:49 am
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Decided to stick to my plan today and play only a little at FullTilt. As Hold’em, especially headsup, is treating me so bad these days, I decided to start out with some “old school” stuff, PLO8. That is one of my favourite games and after reading about it in FullTilt’s Strategy Guide again, I felt the urge to play a little. Headsup PLO8 can be brutal, but on the other hand really rewarding, especially if your opponent doesn’t understand the basic concepts (e.g. lock on low with counterfeit protection and a high draw….bet the living jeebus out of the pot; don’t chase, unless you got a lot of outs to make THE NUTS; etc). Won two out of two. Then I jumped over to a little razz and really enjoyed it, until the blinds got huge. Lovely if you start with three to a wheel, got four to the wheel by fourth street and brick up on fifth, sixth and seventh street. Lovely! Oh well…

After that one I jumped over to some NL Hold’em action and it was the usual stuff. Won two, lost two. Can’t get a winning streak going these days, but hey, maybe that’ll change soon again…

As for the WSOP ME: Nice to see such a humble guy win, at least that’s how he came across in the PokerNews interview…I’m really looking forward to see the coverage…so far the preliminary event coverage was good, HD, I like! Can’t wait to see the HORSE championship, too…I’m out….


Shit out of luck, that’s how I feel on Stars these days. No matter how good, mediocre or bad I play a hand, I’m going to lose it if it’s a big pot. Now, it’s a given fact that you’re going to lose some matches due to errors, but it seems that I tend to lose the matches in the following order:

1. Getting unlucky.

2. Cooler.

3. Error.

It’s really frustrating to say the least. Today’s session had it all again, from the usual coolers (JJ vs KK, 77 vs QQ, AT vs AQ, etc) to the outright bs hands (QQ vs 62o overpair vs bottom pair…bottom pair obv good by the river when he hits his bs “kicker”, 56 vs 45 two pair vs straight draw…..gutter ball obv good). So sick I could puke. Unreal how bad I’ve been running the last few days, it’s not even funny. I had a look at some of the more “entertaining” hands and there’s a small error percentage on my part as far as I can tell – e.g. “slow playing” in some spots (e.g. not betting the pot, but half of it if I put the opponent on less than 6 outs) isn’t really an error in headsup, unless your opponent hangs around to catch the gutterball (or some other low percentage draw)…then he looks like a (idiot errrm) genius. The prime example was the QQ vs 62o hand. I raise it to 3BB preflop. He calls. 6BB in the pot. Flop comes  Tx2. I fire out half the pot. He calls. Turn 6. I lead out and he raises. I think a while and can’t put him on a hand that makes sense. How could the 6 help you here? So I push and he obv insta-calls. River brick. Well…how can I dodge that bullet? I don’t know. It doesn’t make sense. How can you call preflop with 62o? Well, easy, if you hit two pair or better you can bust a big pair, all good. But after you hit your duck with no kicker, how can you call on the flop? It’s a mistery to me, but oh well…

So…I’m going to take a break at PokerStars for a few days as it’s obvious that I can’t win anything on there atm. I mean, I’m not ready to get out the tinfoil-hat just yet, but it’s starting to get mad annoying. Everytime I’m about to bust a move again (e.g. hitting bankroll x) I run into such a bullshit run on Stars…amazing. Oh well…WSOP is about over…I’m annoyed with PS…so I’m going to take a break and focus on some FullTilt action for now.

…that’s exactly what I did after the shitty run on Stars. The result, one bubble and two wins. Amazing…I’m out….

Heeehaaaw…please call me down with third pair
Tuesday July 17th 2007, 12:45 am
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So beautiful. I really managed to walk into every god damn donkey there is on Stars. Even third pair was good enough to call me down on straight and flush heavy boards with overcards galore…didn’t matter. At least I managed to lose only some chips to get the valuable information that my opponents wouldn’t fold ANY pair. Good stuff, unless you get so card dead that you miss the flop 17 times in a row. So beautiful. After that I managed to push A9 into AJ, AT into AQ, AQ into AK…all headsup…pretty hawesome. All in all I managed to pull out one W in four matches.

After that I jumped over to Full Tilt and played some Razz and NL headsup. Managed to win both although it seemed that I wouldn’t. In the Razz one it was brutal. Start with the best hand, brick out. Start with the best hand, brick out. So I had him down to 300 three times before I was finally able to bust him. So sick. Oh well…at least I did win in the end…still makes me want to puke, it’s just ridiculous…

What a shitty sunday
Monday July 16th 2007, 3:29 am
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Boy, what a shitty sunday. First you wake up and the sun is shining, you feel good and it seems that it’s just your average lazy sunday. Then shit hits the fan.

After feeling not so well yesterday, my father felt even worse today, developing a higher and higher fever during the day. This afternoon the doctor had to call the ambulance to take him to the hospital. After driving my mom to the hospital and waiting and waiting, we were finally able to see him. After getting some infusions and what not he was feeling a little bit better, no word from the doctor about a diagnosis though…that’ll have to wait until tomorrow I guess…he has to spend the night in hospital.

Damn. After that I really didn’t want to play any poker today, but as I didn’t feel like sleeping yet, I decided to play at least one SnG. Why did I even bother. Eliminate some donk and cripple another by pushing KK (vs ace rag x 2) – check. Losing cooler a few hands later – check. Oh well…we’re three handed and the new chipleader has 4.6k, the donk I crippled chipped up to 2.2k and I’m sitting with 2.2k. Then the usual happens. The donk has been very aggressive so far and when I look down at AT s00ted in the BB, I think that it’s time to get aggressive. The donk in the SB limped…so I push for 2k more (blinds 100/200). He thinks for a while and calls all-in with the monster K4o. As usual, he hits the 40-ball like it is nothing. It seems that the current bubble-rule with pokerstars is (40% shot? Call all-in without being nowhere near pot-commited? Donkey? You win!)…so friggin FUGLY! I hope this donk never catches a flop again…bastard!

god i love it