Back to the roots
Thursday July 19th 2007, 3:49 am
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Decided to stick to my plan today and play only a little at FullTilt. As Hold’em, especially headsup, is treating me so bad these days, I decided to start out with some “old school” stuff, PLO8. That is one of my favourite games and after reading about it in FullTilt’s Strategy Guide again, I felt the urge to play a little. Headsup PLO8 can be brutal, but on the other hand really rewarding, especially if your opponent doesn’t understand the basic concepts (e.g. lock on low with counterfeit protection and a high draw….bet the living jeebus out of the pot; don’t chase, unless you got a lot of outs to make THE NUTS; etc). Won two out of two. Then I jumped over to a little razz and really enjoyed it, until the blinds got huge. Lovely if you start with three to a wheel, got four to the wheel by fourth street and brick up on fifth, sixth and seventh street. Lovely! Oh well…

After that one I jumped over to some NL Hold’em action and it was the usual stuff. Won two, lost two. Can’t get a winning streak going these days, but hey, maybe that’ll change soon again…

As for the WSOP ME: Nice to see such a humble guy win, at least that’s how he came across in the PokerNews interview…I’m really looking forward to see the coverage…so far the preliminary event coverage was good, HD, I like! Can’t wait to see the HORSE championship, too…I’m out….

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