Hello, my name’s Ingoal and I’m an idiot
Saturday November 20th 2010, 2:16 pm
Filed under: Cake,Opinionated

*lol*…poker has been treating me so and so, but the rake deal kept me well above break even. Then cake did what so many poker rooms before them have tried – and unfortunately succeeded – to do: they added degenerate gambling stuff like War and a Casino.

Sure enough I play a little. Then I played a little more…and in the end, well today, the old truth that the house always wins finally rang true. I blew the rest of my bankroll upping the stakes at Blackjack and naturally the dealer had like 8 BJs to my 1 BJ, beat my 20 with a 5 card 21…the works…oh well, my own fault for caving in to the temptation…so I’m officially busto a cake…I guess it’s time to step away once again and reevaluate my commitment to the game (which should include bankroll management, etc)…