A little live action…
Sunday October 28th 2007, 2:38 am
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…what’s better than a live poker game when you need to get outside to clear your head? Exactly, nothing! Got a call from a friend about a poker game tonight, so instead of loungin on the couch I made my way to the bar where the tourney was held. Had little luck early on, but once the main tourney started I made my run. I was one of the shortstacks right from the beginning – I started with 1.5k…others started with up to 7.5k (they got extra chips for winning pre main-tourney shootout tables). Nothing much going on at the first table…one nut-flush for me…double-up. Then I get moved to the next table and I sit down UTG. I look down at the first card…A…at the second card…A…I like! I raise it up 5BB and someone UTG+2 decides to push…I love it and insta-call…he shows the tourist (A7o), my rockets hold up and I’m good to go. A flush and some small pots later and I’m sitting pretty…then a tough one comes up. The blinds just gone up and it’s more or less a crapshoot now (0.8k/1.6k blinds), I’m in the BB and take a free look. The flop comes 9-5-4 rainbow…the SB checks…I check…turn comes the Jh…SB pushes…I hold 96o. I try to remember what the SB did on earlier hands with straight draws on board…I decide to go with my gut-feeling as I think he’s on a straight-draw again (he played them overly aggressive earlier)…I put him on 78 and call…he isn’t too pleased with my call and show 67o for the gutterball…river is blank and I cripple him. Tough call, but sticking with my initial feeling was the right move. Even tougher luck for him as he’s auto-all-in a few hands later in the BB…I look down at QQ UTG and that’s all she wrote for him…
After that some small pots won and lost and we’re finally down to the final table. I try to sit back and relax as I don’t get any hands and the other players are more than willing to gamble – no surprise with blinds approaching 1.5/3k…I can’t catch anything and once I’m in the BB the button decides to pop it….I’ve got 3k invested…only 5k behind so I can’t fold…69o against his A3o…alright…at least I’m live…an ace on the turn seals my exit in 6th…the meaningless 6 on the river comes to rub it in…*lol*…so…in the end no prize for me (top 3 get payed), but still a good one…I had fun, didn’t think about my diploma thesis for once and got some time at the felt…good stuff…off to catch some sleep now…
I’m UTG again and the BB is auto-allin with less than the blind…I look down at QQ and push…no callers except the BB…my queens hold up.

Can I ask a favor?
Saturday October 20th 2007, 11:48 pm
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Hello there all regular readers, especially my fellow poker broggers. I’m a sucker for gadgets and I was playing around with the thought of getting an iphone for a while now…


So, why don’t I buy one in germany?

1. It isn’t out yet.

2. Apple has an exclusive contract with T-Mobile, which (un)fortunately isn’t my provider. *wink* *wink*
3. I hate paying a shitload of extra cash to get one on ebay(.de)…

4. What can I say, the dollar is mighty weak these days 😉

So…would anyone be willing to help me out (get the iphone, package it up along with the receipt, send it with USPS (probably the cheapest way to get it over here))? If so, please comment using the email-address where I can reach you (won’t be displayed to the public) so that we can talk…

…and before anyone asks: Yes, I would send you the dough for the phone + shipping via paypal upfront…and for your troubles you’ll get something extra (either some dough on a poker site or something else…we’ll see…)…so…get into gear and help me…pretty please 🙂

Not much to report…
Friday October 19th 2007, 1:38 am
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…still little time for poker these days. Managed to squeeze in a little playing time today though. Started out good, winning a six-handed SnG, but it all went south pretty fast after that. Oh well…what can you do. Stats for the night: 1W 3L in six-handed, 3 of 3 L in headsup…I’m outta here…

Random pic dump:

aces g00t

aces no g00t

flip it

flopped flush four handed no g00t

at least it was s00ted

Sunday October 14th 2007, 10:47 pm
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Finished in 670th place. After starting at a nice starting table including RoccoBoxer, Tripjax and G-Rob I was moved before the first break, but not before dropping the first hammer against Rocco…gotta love it when you fire and fire and finally your opponent folds to your 3k bet on the turn…lol. I managed to pull out a monster-suckout JT vs KK to really get myself into a good position. Stole some pots and flopped some sets to be above average…then two things happened….I overplayed Ax while my opponent thought it was a good idea to call a preflop raise with QJo…when all was said and done he rivered three queens and I was busto…oh well…at least I had fun…ty Stars for hosting…


Come on…
Wednesday October 10th 2007, 5:43 am
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…can I please have the last three hours of my life back? Played the bodonkey bloggerment on bodog. Tournament starts, I win some nice pots, bump the 3k up to 4k…then everyone notices that the blind levels are 1h and there are breaks every 15minuts. D’oh. TD get’s online and restarts the tourney…new table, reset chip count. Oh well…first bad beat of the night. So almost an hour of my life gone for nothing.



Tourney restarts and I get lousy hands all along…and if I have something, someone got me beat by the turn or river. I still manage to comeback from 1.4k. So the second break comes and goes and when smokkee pops it from the SB I decide to call with the tourist (A7o). Flop comes 349 all clubs. He leads out with 1k…I min-raise him…he calls…okay, either trappin or air…turn 7…insta-push by smokkee…I’m pretty sure my hand is good here so I INSTACALL. He shows K7….river? K…gg me.

So sick that I played 3hours, missed those hours of sleep and got nothing at all to show for it…well…apart from the badbeat-story above and no overlay T$…god I hate poker in situations like these….so sick…especially considering that we’re down to ten when we play this hand…so with no K on the river I sit at the final-table with the chiplead 13k+….so sick…I’m going to puke now and then catch some sleep…night…

Giddy up bodonkeys
Tuesday October 09th 2007, 12:10 pm
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Good news from our main bodog-pimp smokkee, tonight’s bodog blogger tournament (aka bodonkey donkament) has got a nice overlay of T$600!

Check out smokkee’s post about it and/or the pimp banner below for all the details…

Giddy up bodonkeys!

High blinds = fugly
Tuesday October 09th 2007, 2:53 am
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Well, well, just a little session to cool things off today. Played the unlucky 7 HU matches, NL Hold’em. Won three of them, lost four. Nothing spectacular to report, just the obvious observation that high blinds are pretty fugly, well, not in general, but if you’re holding 4-high in three consecutive hands, followed by a nice 93o followed by a T4o…just to push with QT in the next hand (no point in limpin with 5BB left)…you flop the all around draw against your opponents ace rag…so 8 outs for the straight, 6 outs for the two live cards and nada…oh well…happens…I’m outta here….

Homegame W
Saturday October 06th 2007, 2:58 am
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It’s been ages since we last played our regular home game. Tonight ten donks s00ted up and joined the festivities. I took down the main tournament. Wheeeeeeeeeeee. A W….so sweet. I took third in the side tourney, too (getting a refund on my buyin), so I finished the night 2/2 in the money with 1W and 1 third place finish. Overall a nice showing especially considering that I held exactly one pocket pair all night, KK getting no action headsup in the main tourney. The rest was grinding it out and it worked out pretty nicely.

Alrighty…I’m outta here…time to catch some sleep…gotta be up and running later on to a wedding ceremony…good luck at the tables and have a great weekend…

Wednesday October 03rd 2007, 11:50 am
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