High blinds = fugly
Tuesday October 09th 2007, 2:53 am
Filed under: Heads Up,No-Limit Hold'em,PokerStars,S&G

Well, well, just a little session to cool things off today. Played the unlucky 7 HU matches, NL Hold’em. Won three of them, lost four. Nothing spectacular to report, just the obvious observation that high blinds are pretty fugly, well, not in general, but if you’re holding 4-high in three consecutive hands, followed by a nice 93o followed by a T4o…just to push with QT in the next hand (no point in limpin with 5BB left)…you flop the all around draw against your opponents ace rag…so 8 outs for the straight, 6 outs for the two live cards and nada…oh well…happens…I’m outta here….

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