Homegame W
Saturday October 06th 2007, 2:58 am
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It’s been ages since we last played our regular home game. Tonight ten donks s00ted up and joined the festivities. I took down the main tournament. Wheeeeeeeeeeee. A W….so sweet. I took third in the side tourney, too (getting a refund on my buyin), so I finished the night 2/2 in the money with 1W and 1 third place finish. Overall a nice showing especially considering that I held exactly one pocket pair all night, KK getting no action headsup in the main tourney. The rest was grinding it out and it worked out pretty nicely.

Alrighty…I’m outta here…time to catch some sleep…gotta be up and running later on to a wedding ceremony…good luck at the tables and have a great weekend…

First bonus hunt completed
Friday July 14th 2006, 3:26 am
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Nice, so I log on to PokerSavvy (aff) today and find that 900 SavvyPoints have been credited to my account for the successfull completion of the Mansion promotion. Sweet. What’s really cool though is that I was able to complete it within a day (the requirements were fairly easy: deposit 50$ and wager 50$ in poker, casino or sportsbook – so I basically donked around the blackjack tables and slots for a while and I was done).

Bonus whoring and hating it already
Friday July 07th 2006, 8:59 pm
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So I decided to try the latest PokerSavvy (aff) promotion and signed up for Mansion Poker. Deposited some dough and jumped right into the first SnG (what else is new?). The play dragged on and once again people were calling stuff down like crazy, so I decided to pop it up preflop whenever I held something decent and pound those suckers at every chance after the flop. It worked quite well and I was in a comfortable chiplead, then I was gone in fourth place after getting kicked in the junk three friggin times within two orbits…

1. KK vs J2o, backdoor four flush board goodness

2. KK vs J10s, turned flush goodness

3. A10o vs Q9s, I raised to 6xBB preflop…flop comes down 95A…I push…he calls…just to turn a 9 against me…

Well done there once again. So I played one friggin SnG and I could already rip some of their players’ throat out for playing like friggin retarded half-monkeydonks and having the guts to trash talk after their crappy play…side note: and yes, one single player, probably both the dumbest donkey and the luckiest git I’ve ever seen, sucked out on me in all three hands… (his screen-name is millar33 so beware of him, he must have interbreed CJ’s luckbox with the “Back from the future” home fusion generator…)

I’m going to cool down now and come back with a vengeance later 😉

Edit: To hell with cooling down, I hit the cash tables and what would you think who sat down a few minutes in? Yes, Mr. Suckout himself. I don’t want to get to deep into it, but let’s just say his suckout are limited to SnGs and/or very short-term as I stacked him three times within 20 minutes 🙂