First bonus hunt completed
Friday July 14th 2006, 3:26 am
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Nice, so I log on to PokerSavvy (aff) today and find that 900 SavvyPoints have been credited to my account for the successfull completion of the Mansion promotion. Sweet. What’s really cool though is that I was able to complete it within a day (the requirements were fairly easy: deposit 50$ and wager 50$ in poker, casino or sportsbook – so I basically donked around the blackjack tables and slots for a while and I was done).


I did the Mansion Bonus too. Played 5h on the 10/20cent NL tables, cashed out the $50 again, donked of my $.19 winning at the mansion slots (which was bad, mansion offers 1cent buy in tournaments – should have played 19 tournaments instead of 2min slot) and 3 days later i got the 900 savvy points converted to $88 @ Neteller. Neteller bastard charged around $2 for the transfer. Greedy fucks.

Comment by g3no 07.18.06 @ 10:52 am


Nice…and boooo to Neteller on this one. I converted the 900 points into 90$ via paypal, so no fees there…I guess the next bonus hunt I’ll try is CelebPoker for 750 points…

Comment by Ingoal 07.18.06 @ 4:53 pm