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Wednesday October 10th 2007, 5:43 am
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…can I please have the last three hours of my life back? Played the bodonkey bloggerment on bodog. Tournament starts, I win some nice pots, bump the 3k up to 4k…then everyone notices that the blind levels are 1h and there are breaks every 15minuts. D’oh. TD get’s online and restarts the tourney…new table, reset chip count. Oh well…first bad beat of the night. So almost an hour of my life gone for nothing.



Tourney restarts and I get lousy hands all along…and if I have something, someone got me beat by the turn or river. I still manage to comeback from 1.4k. So the second break comes and goes and when smokkee pops it from the SB I decide to call with the tourist (A7o). Flop comes 349 all clubs. He leads out with 1k…I min-raise him…he calls…okay, either trappin or air…turn 7…insta-push by smokkee…I’m pretty sure my hand is good here so I INSTACALL. He shows K7….river? K…gg me.

So sick that I played 3hours, missed those hours of sleep and got nothing at all to show for it…well…apart from the badbeat-story above and no overlay T$…god I hate poker in situations like these….so sick…especially considering that we’re down to ten when we play this hand…so with no K on the river I sit at the final-table with the chiplead 13k+….so sick…I’m going to puke now and then catch some sleep…night…

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