What a shitty sunday
Monday July 16th 2007, 3:29 am
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Boy, what a shitty sunday. First you wake up and the sun is shining, you feel good and it seems that it’s just your average lazy sunday. Then shit hits the fan.

After feeling not so well yesterday, my father felt even worse today, developing a higher and higher fever during the day. This afternoon the doctor had to call the ambulance to take him to the hospital. After driving my mom to the hospital and waiting and waiting, we were finally able to see him. After getting some infusions and what not he was feeling a little bit better, no word from the doctor about a diagnosis though…that’ll have to wait until tomorrow I guess…he has to spend the night in hospital.

Damn. After that I really didn’t want to play any poker today, but as I didn’t feel like sleeping yet, I decided to play at least one SnG. Why did I even bother. Eliminate some donk and cripple another by pushing KK (vs ace rag x 2) – check. Losing cooler a few hands later – check. Oh well…we’re three handed and the new chipleader has 4.6k, the donk I crippled chipped up to 2.2k and I’m sitting with 2.2k. Then the usual happens. The donk has been very aggressive so far and when I look down at AT s00ted in the BB, I think that it’s time to get aggressive. The donk in the SB limped…so I push for 2k more (blinds 100/200). He thinks for a while and calls all-in with the monster K4o. As usual, he hits the 40-ball like it is nothing. It seems that the current bubble-rule with pokerstars is (40% shot? Call all-in without being nowhere near pot-commited? Donkey? You win!)…so friggin FUGLY! I hope this donk never catches a flop again…bastard!

god i love it

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