No, I’m not dead…
Monday August 10th 2009, 9:28 pm
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…I just took some time off, a two week vacation to egpyt…followed by some other offline relaxing. Now I’m back, I’ve played a little again over the last few days, nothing major. Didn’t feel like it and it showed, broke even mostly…lost a little, then won a little…nothing major…

…and the deck didn’t help my cause either, e.g. the following hand in the 30k on Stars…I swear I felt it coming on the flop…and of course…bingo, bango, bongo…oh well…hell of a way to go out and all…I’m outta here…see you soon

losing to a royal flush again


That is so not a bad beat. Usually I like your bad beats. heh. Word of the day: f0nkeys!

Comment by sirfwalgman 08.10.09 @ 11:14 pm


Hehe…I know that’s no real bad beat, but I’ll promise to provide you with real-ones soon enough, I already requested the kill-switch to be turned on 😉 😆

Comment by Ingoal 08.11.09 @ 6:00 pm