Thursday December 31st 2009, 3:22 am
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I guess it was inevitable…no point in making excuses…if you’re on a mini-bankroll and you’re getting raked like there’s no tomorrow, you will have to show a good performance and also desperately try to avoid getting unlucky…both didn’t happen and so tonight it finally happened. After posting two winning sessions in $1/$2 and $2/$4 TD, I finally went busto when I lost my final 50BB at $1/$2 TD.

The story of that session is easily explained: have #2, lose to #1…have 86432 lose to 85432…have 87432 lose to 86432…and it went on an on…especially nice when your opponents are playing incorrect strategy over and over again and get lucky…and by lucky I mean: it’s not normal that you draw 2 perfect cards in the third draw…hence it might have been a good idea to fold after the first draw…or the second draw…the blessing and curse of limit games…if they didn’t get lucky on me on 4 different occasions I would have applauded their play…but hey, that’s not the way it went down…

So…what a shitty end of 2009….not the way I envisioned it, that’s for sure.
What else is left to say….like I already said in the last post…after 4 years of grinding it out, I was starting to get really sick and tired of the way things were going…how can you stay sane if you dominate games and still can’t overcome the rake and bad luck? How many donkkicks can you endure before you snap? Many many many ones…but is it worth it? Up to this point, I def thought so…but I’m not so sure anymore and while I’m bummed out atm, I feel a sense of calm too…

With that rant I present you the final screenshot of 2009…and maybe the last one for a while…we’ll see about that…until then, I wish you nerves like steel ropes, better luck than me and a nice 2010 both poker- and life-wise.

Peace out.


final donk kick of 2009

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