Another solid bodonkey finish…
Wednesday June 04th 2008, 5:45 am
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…still nowhere near the money, close to the points though. It all started out pretty nicely, I don’t have my stats here as I switch to the laptop during the first break, but I can tell you this much:

1. Lucky: I got a shit-load of “monster hands” during the first hour, not such much the pocket pairs, but the AK/AQ hands…I think I had AKs thrice, AKo twice, AQs twice, AQo thrice, Aces, Kings once Queens.
2. Lucky: I flopped quads in the second hand with 33 on a K33 flop…
3. Unlucky: not much action though with most of the hands, even lost the usual “flip” with AQ vs JT…

In the second hour the deck cooled off considerably and the play is mostly a blurr. Two hands stick out…the first one was the following gem of a hand – you fold for 3-4 orbits straight as you look down at rag after rag after rag and face races everytime you’re in the blinds. This time you look down at Kings though…I like! What I don’t like is the instacall of my opponent preflop. Sure enough Aces…flop brings him the set and I’m pretty much out the door right before the second break, but wait, there’s two more cards to come.


After that play is mostly a blurr again as I fold and fold and fold. The next interesting hand comes up once I repop a standard raise preflop with JJ…sure enough I get instacalled by the monster KTs. I flop a Jack and my opponent is drawing dead on the turn. Life! Break time.

After that I pretty much fold myself to death again. I got a lot of monster-stacks, including the host himself at my table and one of them is putting the pressure on fa-shizzle and I’m nowhere near claiming the bounty on Smokkee’s head. Once I folded two orbits again I think it’s time to make a move with 15BB. I open for a standard raise, which represents 1/3 of my stack. I get repopped all-in. Hmmm….what level of thinking should I apply here? Any suggestions welcome (my thought process was rather difficult)…I decided to go with it…to my dismay my opponent shows me the usual AKo and I’m dominated, but wait…Qxx flop…wow…now I’m a big favourite, only need to dodge 3 outs twice…turn x….river A….booooooom headshot. Still disappointed about that river, but let’s be objective: he put his money in good…best in best out…still sucks though, but what are you going to do, at least I got knocked out with the second best hand for once 😉


So, I bust out in 16th of 45…two hours of poker fun…no money…insane rhythm and no sleep…wheeee….I’ll be back for next season, if there is one.


So…before I head to bed…I would like to take the chance for two quick thank yous:

1. Thanks to Smokkee for hosting!
2. Thanks to Bodog for all the extra added T$, cool stuff there!

I’m out…night night….

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