The last bodonkey of the season…
Tuesday June 03rd 2008, 2:58 pm
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Well, well, it’s the last bodonkey of the season…so while some donks will try to get some more points to squeeze into the ToC, other donks will do everything they can (aka “folding to the points” and whatnot) to cling to there seats and the rest, playing in ToC-nirvana will have one thing on their mind: KILL SMOKKEE (not literally 🙄 ). Why? Because the fine folks of bodog put a T$270 bounty on his head. Wheeeee….that, along with the usual added T$ should be more than enough motivation to make tonight’s bodonkey the biggest one yet…

Read more about it here and here….cya tonight (if I don’t fall asleep), when it’ll be BOOOOOOOOOOOOOM Headshot Time 😆 !

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