Bodog ToC is tonight, watch out!
Tuesday June 10th 2008, 1:19 pm
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So, tonight is the Bodog ToC…the good news: 1 WSOP Main-event package up for grabs along with other T$ cash prices….the bad news: I won’t be playing as I failed to score the big points. That won’t keep me from railing though (at least if I’m still awake that early)…

Find all the details and smokkee’s odds here.

My odds would be:

  • NewinNov 4:1
  • $mokkee 4:1
  • MiamiDon 4:1
  • Drizztdj 5:1
  • GoldenHammer 5:1
  • Vin_nay 6:1
  • Columbo777 6:1
  • Emptyman 7:1
  • ICrushBloggers 7:1
  • Donkette 7:1
  • ScottMc 8:1
  • InstantTragedy 9:1
  • JD Schellnutt 9:1
  • Cbags 10:1
  • WhatsTheNuts 10:1
  • JL514 10:1
  • Yestbay1 10:1
  • BuddyDank 10:1

What are yours?

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man at 10-1 i’d probably put some money on me.. who’s taking bets?

Comment by JL514 06.11.08 @ 2:44 am


Hehe…not me…those numbers came out of nowhere…boom…there they’re and while there is some reasoning behind the (better) odds…there’s nothing much behind the lower odds…just a gut-feeling paired up with no (or little) table-experience with those players…so no offence 😉

Gl…I’ll be railing…probably won’t be able to chat in the bodonkey though due to the messed up “you gotta be seated to chat”-policy…

Comment by Ingoal 06.11.08 @ 3:04 am

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