No joy in the bodonkery
Wednesday May 14th 2008, 4:26 am
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Quite a frustrating comeback to the bodonkey tonight. First I bounced from table to table until the final setup was done…then I pretty much squeezed my way around…then dodged the first cooler…QQ vs KK…at least I didn’t get it in preflop…so I only lost the bare minimum after a K dropped on the flop and I mucked the queens. The next ugly hand was when my velvet hammer (72o) was crushered on the river on a 25679 board…J8 took down the pot…he did have some outs though as it was s00ted and the board contained two hearts…add the open-ender….and boom headshot on the river.

My exit in 38th place came just after the break, after switching to playing on my laptop…not a good move I guess, lol. I look down at AK in the BB and see a MP raise and two calls of 350…I decide that it’s the perfect spot to squeeze. I get called in one spot – by the chipleader, the only player in the hand that has me covered – he shows QQ and I’m happy to report that my streak holds up…no coin-flip win in sight on bodog and I’m out…oh well…at least I can finally catch some sleep now…

Shoutout to Smokkee for hosting…cya next time…

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