Grind, grind, grind
Tuesday April 24th 2007, 1:30 am
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Today I decided to redeposit with WorldPokerExchange. To my surprise the traffic level is still low and I really can’t figure it out. What would keep players from playing at a rakefree poker room? I really don’t know, maybe it’s the endless cycle of players signing up, then realizing that traffic is low, then leaving again…rinse repeat. I’m going to hang around for a while, like I did last year, as you just can’t beat rakefree, especially if you play a shitload of SnGs. Just think about it…if I play 10 HU SnGs per day, it’s 2,5$/5$/10$ juice (5$/10$/20$ SnGs)…per day. That is pretty hard to overcome, especially if you suffer from suckoutitis or riveritis 😉

After moneying two out of four SnGs, I decided to give PokerStars another spin, can’t be that unlucky all the time and indeed I hit it pretty good early on in my first HU match. Then I get rivered a few times again, or this match would have been over already, but still, I’ve got my opponent down to 640 and after (s)he minraises preflop we see a flop of AJ4 with two spades…bet raise raise raise raise call…and I’m way ahead against QJo no spade just like me…then the usual happens…

pretty sick

And we’re almost back to square one. Some chasing later I’ve got him/her down to about 500 again. This time we get it in again with TP vs SP…and lo and behold…my TP stands up and I score the W. Did it feel good, yeah, but I still don’t feel like playing another match tonight…not in the mood to get unlucky and logoff with a bad feeling…so I’ll leave it at that for tonight…

…as for headsup…that’s the only thing that annoys me a little when it comes to WPX…they don’t have HU tables…oh well…at least they’ve got five handed SnG…talk about playing short handed, good stuff…top two ITM…I guess those will be my feeding grounds for the next couple of weeks…

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